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  • Pray for strength & peace of mind

    I have been in a lot of trials lately. I'm a person who fears the Lord & tries to do what is good. I was involve in what I'll say a minor car collission recently. I was at fault but nobody got hurt & my car got more damaged than his. His got only little bit of scratches. But he was very mean to me. He saw that I was a person of different race. He said very hurtful things & made me feel really stupid. I didn't know how to react. I got scared. Nobody has spoken to me the way he did. His voice & words were threatening. I have this feeling he's gonna take advantage of the situation. Like, I said I'm scared of what he will try to do. Please help me pray. I'm very troubled. Lord in you I trust. I know that you won't let anyone destroy me, my peace of mind & integrity. In Jesus name , I pray. Please pray for me brothers & sisters.

  • Custody

    I've asked for prayer before. And I'm asking for God's will& peace in this situation. Since, 2010 I've been in & out of court for custody. Each time ending up with the original 50/50. My ex-husband recently threatened to get 100% custody. I only want what's best and I love❤️My children so much & sacrifice many years to raise them. My son is 15,which is an awkward age & has been very manipulated throughout the years. After so much pain, battles & heartache~ I only want peace but my ex-husband refuses to work with me for their sake.
    ~ God's will, peace& protection.

  • Daughter with drug addiction

    Hello, my 21 year old daughter is currently living homeless and has developed a horrible rash on her entire body. She started using drugs with he friends at about 14 years old and meth when she was 17. She is with her boyfriend and both are using heroin now. She was raised and baptized in church and knows the Lord but has strayed away and doubts her faith. Her boyfriend is a satanist and actively displays symbols etc. She is homeless with him living in a tent near Morro Bay at a campsite. Please pray for her rededication to the Lord, her willingness to go to Teen Challenge and healing. We have two girls 9 and 16 at home still who have seen everything from the violent outbursts and theft to her laying motionless barely breathing. Please also pray for strength for all of us and direction to help her.

  • Family Stress and Living Situation

    Please pray for our family, we decided to purchase a home on a one income family, hoping to provide a house for our kids. Turned out within a week of getting the keys there is black mold and many many things wrong with the house as the agent and inspector worked together and did not disclose anything. We lived in a tent in the backyard trying to figure out what to do until we got a lawyer and an apartment to get out of the heat. Not only that, I am sick and have two little kids. We need prayers for peace and health over our family, knowledge for our lawyer to help us out of this situation, and prayers that everything is God's way. We prayed every night with kids that this house would be for God, that we would use it to bless God and people that came in our path. I still pray this.

  • quick opening for surgery

    My 5 year-old granddaughter needs a tonsillectomy ASAP. Her tonsils are so large, that they're affecting her sleep. It's kind of like sleep apnea. The surgeon is booked out for over a month and doesn't have any openings until after school starts. The doctor said that she would need a week for recovery. Please pray for an earlier opening. She can't start Kindergarten not sleeping well, and she can't miss a week of school. It's affecting her quality of life. Thank you.

  • Divorce

    I am in the beginning stages of a divorce with my husband. Our relationship was not God-honoring or healthy. It was emotionally and verbally abusive - on both sides. And the divorce has only brought out even more ugliness. Pray for comfort on both sides. And pray that I can always represent Christ even in the most anxious and broken times, and that I remember my identity is not in this divorce, but in Christ.

  • Ms.

    I need prayer for my relationship to be renewed with God. I have walked away from Him in my life and so I need prayer to get back. I need prayer to make the right decisions in my life that have me walking in His presence, instead of my own. I stopped going to church, and so I am looking for a church that I can go to, so I do need prayer for that as well. Thank you so much for your prayers.

  • Needing furniture for my kids

    I finally found an apartment for my kids and I! But I don't have any beds for my kids and am needing prayers. My kids mean the world to me and making sure that they have a bed to sleep on it very important to me. My number is 559-368-5754. God bless

  • healing

    Please pray for healing for me and for my financial breakthrough! Thank you, I appreciate your prayers.

  • My uncle has cancer

    My uncle just found out he has cancer and he looks extremely ill. Please keep my uncle in your prayers. We all continue to pray for healing over his body and I was told yesterday he is barely eating. I know God is mighty and nothing is impossible, so if he hears us all loud and clear my hope is he will beat this ugly monster called cancer. Please please we need my uncle here. He has always been a selfless man, loving father with such a wondeful personality. He could literally have a room in tears with his humor. We love my tio Rudy.

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