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  • Healing

    Please pray for healing for Vera. She has lumps as big as a fist between her pancreas and bladder. She is in the hospital tonight. Her eyes and body are yellow. Thank you.

  • Prayer's Wife

    I am asking for prayers for our first lady at church Selena. She just lost her brother. I know she is trying to keep strong for everyone since she is the backbone for everything. I pray the lord lifts her up and soothes her. In Jesus name Amen

  • Controlling Bosses

    I was driving home just now in Tulare Ca. I hear your beginning topic of controlling boss. I had one very traumatizing one, and now another, Instead of me gripping, or The why I want to forgive her,(them) and Trust In The Lord! To giving me strength and the motivation and energy to keep serving the communities and Not conforming to their ways, To remain serving as His Living Word Says TO!! I'm sorry I do see you have more urgent prayer requests. I will also pray for these requests. Thank you. God bless.
    Sincerely LC

  • Health

    Please pray for my wife and me - she has a chronic illness that doctors do not understand so we are very alone doing what we can to heal. We ask for His miraculous healing and the help with finances to be able to get what we need to improve. Even more important is my wife feels distant from God, and her illness makes it hard to concentrate and focus to pray. I ask that He would bless her with his presence, and she would feel close to him and feel secure in salvation.

  • healing

    Please pray for healing for my daughter from insomnia. Please pray for healing for both of my boys from special needs Amen!!! Thank you

  • Financial

    November 2018, I left my job to work as an independent contractor. Shortly after my wife became ill and before I knew it, I had missed many months of work due to taking care of her. I am now many months behind on a mortgage and other financial obligations. Please pray I don’t lose my house and that I can keep my house and that I can get the ball rolling on business again. My wife is much better. We have three children, and all the financial burden is on me.

  • Healing

    Please pray for my father. He recently had major back surgery and is in extreme pain. He is an ex-firefighter and in his retirement has taken over grounds work for two large churches. I am praying for full recovery so he can continue God’s work.

  • I'm lost


    I listen to your station almost every day. My 6yr old loves to sing along and the songs have gotten me through some hard times.

    I'm a single mom of 3 kids ages 17, 15, and 6. I went from working two jobs making around $1,250 a month to one job, making about $650 a month. My rent is late. My PGE is under a 15-day notice. There's no money for my car insurance or car payment.

    My daughter has been accepted into a summer dance program, but I can't even afford the $262 for that. I have applied for over 100 jobs in the past couple of weeks with no luck. Right now I'm about $450 short. And next month will be the same with rent because I don't get paid until the 15th of the month and that will not nearly be enough to cover my rent.

    I am trying to make things better, but to be honest, I am losing hope. I'm not sure what I will do. Please pray for a miracle. I need the money fast; otherwise, I lose my apartment, and the PGE gets shut off.

  • favor

    Please pray for a special intention for Leo! Thank you!

  • Lord's provision

    Please pray that the Lord will provide for our van to be fixed completely. We need a miracle we cannot afford to fix it.

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