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  • Marriage and children

    Recently Jesus has turned me back to what's important! My family! I had turned and was slowly walking far away as they needed me more and more.... Thank God He has pulled me back. I need prayers to stay strong and continue to seek Him. To have Him fix the relationship between my wife and I. To give me wisdom to raise my children. It feels like the more I try to show them I love them the more I am pushed away. My wife is feeling overwhelmed as I try to pull her closer. I give it up continuously but continue to feel rejected by my family. He has done amazing things in my life and I want to follow Him. I need courage. I need strength. May He heal our marriage and bring the love back to our family. Thank you for your prayers!

  • Prayer for son

    Hi, May you please keep my son Davien in prayer as he will be having his court tomorrow for his prelim. hearing. I ask the Lord to please have mercy on him and he doesn't get offered a lot of time. I ask you, Lord, to change him and allow him to use this time to get closer to him.

    Thank you, Lord, in JESUS NAME AMEN!

  • Sinner needing help for strength

    Some marital and family issues. Can't sleep new back to church and want to not slip back into self. Heard the prayer phone number but couldn't get it fast enough and can't find it on your station info

  • Please pray that I'm healed and set free

    Please pray that Jesus will be kind to me. I'm trying to get close to Him, but I keep getting pushed away. I don't know if this is His will, but I can not deal with this misery that's forced on me 24/7 anymore. Every time I try to believe & have faith, I get hit with another weight added on. I thought the devil can't hear my thoughts & prayers, so what else could it be? Please pray that Jesus stops this forced misery upon me and be kind and let me trust Him without adding more misery. I miss being loved by Jesus, please pray that He loves me enough to stop this misery and let me live in physical freedom.
    Thank you,

  • Protection

    Please pray for my kids & me. We are going thru a divorce/custody battle. My husband abandoned our family a month before I was due with our youngest child. He has not really been a part of our kids’ lives since he left just a few visits here and there, now that I’m officially cutting ties due to him having a drug & alcohol problem the court is ordering him unsupervised visitation & on days that we attend church. He is unwilling to even change days knowing how strong I feel about keeping our kids in church. We have court again today @ 1:30 please pray for protection for my children, for them to have a sober environment while with their dad. Please pray for their dad, Isiac, that God will touch his heart. Also, please pray for myself, that God gives me peace & strength to trust that God has his hands over my children. Thank you so much! God Bless your ministry. My kids and I listen every day. I love to hear my kids sing every song and worship! It’s amazing.

  • Please pray for my sister-in-law

    Adriana has been married to my brother for about 15 years. She's miserable even though she doesn't like to talk about it. She doesn't have a life of her own. She works more than 40 hours a week at her main job and she works two more part-time jobs just to make ends meet. When she's working, he's sleeping or monitoring her every move. She's the unhappiest woman I know and my brother sure doesn't deserve her.

  • prayer request

    Please pray for my sister. She is an alcoholic. I am so scared and worried for her life. Her health is becoming worse. Please pray for her so that Jesus can touch her and change her life. Thank you

  • Stage 4 cancer

    Please pray for my dad Derek Mendez. He’s fighting stage 4 esophageal cancer. He’s been in the hospital for the last week. His faith is so strong and he’s fighting very hard but he needs strength. Please pray for Gods miraculous healing and strength for my dad!! Thank you all. God bless!

  • My sweet friend julia

    She is 11 and has to survive on tubes to breathe she got super sick now in San Fran still only surviving on her tubes and machines to breathe pray for peace for her family and comfort that God keeps her safe and comfortable!

  • Protection and Victory

    Please pray for my husband and me this week. We will be going through a court process. The Lord has been manifesting himself through it all and we just ask the Lord to soften the hearts of those in court. We ask if you can pray for our protection and for the Lord to give us victory.

    Thank you and God Bless you!!

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