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  • Nedd our van fixed today urgent need

    Please pray that God will move on the mechanic's heart and move this mountain in front of us and allow that our family van will be completely fixed and better than ever before and ready to be picked up today. We have not had it for a month now and we urgently need our Lord to make this happen for us today.

  • Financial drowning

    My wife and I recently moved to be closer to work and family. We crunched all the numbers, and with less money being spent on commuting every day, everything seemed perfect. We knew we would end up paying more for housing since it was more expensive in town than where we were, but everything was supposed to even out and then get better. We found a place quicker than we had planned and didn't have the money for a deposit and 1st month's rent, so I ended up taking out a loan. Even doing that, I thought everything would still be fine, just tighter for a while. We ended up having to pay a rather large internet cancellation fee still being in a contract which took a hit on our finances. We finally paid that off, but then I had to do a payday loan to pay a few other bills. As the weeks went by, things got worse, and we started missing payments. We've paid rent late twice now, and one of our cars is about to get repossessed, and we only owe a few thousand left on it. Our phones got shut off, and now the only way we can communicate is through the internet, but I'm sure that's going to get shut off shortly. We've been praying for relief, and I've been trying to get a 2nd job, but nobody wants to higher someone with a bachelors degree to work nights in fast food, etc. I didn't care where I worked as long as I could fit both jobs into my schedule to help deal with our financial crises. I've been reading Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace and realizing we've been doing everything wrong. We know what needs to be done, but as it stands, we are about to lose everything with nowhere to go. Our kids just started school in a new town and a new school, and they need that stability. There've been many emotional days, nights, arguments with my wife, etc. I'm at the end of my emotional rope, and I've been asking God to take control and help us. We need a miracle and fast. I've never filled out one of these online prayer things before, but I guess there's a first time for everything...If someone could please pray for us. My wife's name is Loren, and we have a kindergartener and 6th grader, both girls. We live in Visalia. I don't know what else to do. Please pray.
    A financially and emotionally exhausted Husband and Father

  • Difficulty at job

    I have been having a difficult time at work. I desperately need my job since my husband has been ill; I am our only regular income, and my job provides our insurance. I have been at this job for more than ten years. Please pray that my coworkers would be more accepting, and would see me through Jesus's eyes ( I am the only one of a different race, and I am older and have been here longer than all the others). Please pray that my supervisor sees through a lot of the complaints and forgive for the mistakes I admit that I made.

  • Healing

    Please pray for my wife they found a lump in her throat they are doing a biopsy on Tuesday please pray for no cancer I am so scared

  • Prayer for a breakthrough

    I am praying for better days to come. Just as my life started to get better after my kid's dad left us two years ago. I was depressed, drinking a lot to help with the pain. I lost it all. The love of my life, my car, and my home. Had nowhere to go. Now I’m living with my dad at the age of 26 with my three kids. I just started working two weeks ago, and ever since I began to, he’s been bumping heads with me and telling me to leave and find something else. He was me to use his car until I save up for one for us. I put gas in his car and take care of it. All it’s used is for work school and errands. Not only he mistreated me, but all my kids and I can not stand by that.
    My kid's just started school and sports. I would be selfish if I take the things they love away and start over. My birthday is on Monday. God, I’m asking for a miracle in any thoughtful way or form. I don’t want Birthday wishes birthday cake anything. I need strength because I’m becoming mentally drained. I’m ok with being physical drained but not mentally because that stops me from doing what needs to be done. I feel all alone like the world is against us. Please guide me correct me and help me. Release this burden on my shoulders. An always walk and keep my kids safe.

  • Stop Eviction

    I am asking for prayers please, I am going to be evicted soon and my two daughters and I will have nowhere to go. I have the money for the rent, but my landlord said even if I pay it, I am going to be evicted for paying it late. I have been struggling ever since my husband left our family in February, and I have been working hard at providing stability for my daughters. Please, we need help!

  • Beyond Debt

    I am drowning in fear and will resume help at VA for PTSD but as I struggle to move past the despair due to a friend's loss in recent shootings I just found out my insurance company is seeking money after the home we rent was flooded. I have nothing. My source of income is my Military Disability. I just informed my husband I will pawn my wedding ring to pay the insurance company. I have nothing else but pray please God HELP

  • Restore family

    My sister in law walked out on my brother and her 4 kids and moved in with her parents. Prayer to restore this family, she lost her way and is letting people get into her head. Parents and internet chats and games. Pray that she looks deep inside her heart and remembers that she loves her family and remembers her faith.

  • Place to live

    Please pray that God blesses me with a much better place to live as I have dangerous roommates that need professional help, and their fighting is effecting my health again and stealing my peace. Thank you

  • Aunt needs salvation

    Please pray for me today. I am meeting today with my aunt at 1pm and she wants to plan her funeral (she has a tumor that is inoperable). Please pray the Lord will guide me through this meeting a clearly give me an opportunity to share the gospel and that she will come to know Jesus today as her Lord and Savior today and that there would be no doubt about her salvation.

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