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  • healing

    Please pray the Lord heals my wife of a severe headache right now. May the Lord bring healing quickly this morning.

  • Friend/Co-worker

    I have this friend that seems to be going through a tough time right now; she is also one of my coworkers. I was told that she mentioned that she wanted to kill her self and I don’t know what to do. I called to check on her and everything, and she seems to be OK when she’s busy, but those nights when she is at home by herself, things seem to be tough. Please pray for her to get some peace of mind, and to bring her out of those negative thought patterns. She does not act on her words.

  • Fresh Anoiting of the Holy Spirit

    Preaching a funeral today at 3 pm for a baby who passed away at 21 days old. Please pray the Holy Spirit would bring comfort to the family today and that He would fill me with the anointing of the Holy Spirit to share the words He would have me to do share from His Word to comfort this family and the boldness to share the gospel with those who will be there today for the funeral.

  • Fresh Anoiting of the Holy Spirit

    Please pray for a funeral service today at 3 pm for the family to be ministered to by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. He will provide an overwhelming anointing for one other pastor who is preaching the funeral and the graveside and me. May the Lord save the lost and comfort the saved today and give me the boldness to share the gospel.

  • Grieving

    Hi, My emotional wellbeing is being tested. My son Brandon Smelser 37 passed suddenly 11-13-18 of heart issues and his best friend Sean Hesse 38 passed suddenly 8-2-19 of heart issues, he was like a son I am having a very difficult time accepting they are both gone. I am in need of help in prayer. I’ve attended Griefshare through my church it helps but my heartache is overwhelming most of the day except when I sleep... I need comfort and strength through Jesus, I cannot do this alone. Thank you

  • prayers needed

    Steven (my team lead) & I have talked to EEO, and we are looking at filing charges against our manager. Please 'PRAY".
    Steven & I are on probation (3 months left).
    I don't know what to do. Pray, God will give me direction & wisdom for the next steps.
    Steven is a great guy & he mentors me & helps me a lot. PRAY that Lord will keep us together in the same team.
    Pray God will remove our manager, that we will get favor with HR & other executives.
    Please pray our probation will not be harmed.

    Pray for my surgery coming up on 13th Sept.

  • Missionary Org needs Prayer!

    Please continue to pray for my workplace. That the missionary organization that I work in be full of the holy spirit, be peaceful and pray for a breakthrough here with my boss and me. That wisdom will reign.

  • Preaching funeral tomorrow

    Please pray for me as I am preaching my grandmother's funeral tomorrow at 3 pm. There will be many people who do not know the Lord Jesus at that service, including many family members. Please pray the Lord would give me a double portion of the anointing of the Holy Spirit to preach the funeral. There is a lot of family pressure not too preach to long or even to preach the gospel. I need the Lord's help and amazing grace to teach not only the message but that Jesus will be glorified, and shine through me before, during, and after. To be with me as I preach at the gravesite as well. I do not want to fail the Lord, and I ask that many family and friends that do not know Jesus would come to know Jesus.

  • Marriage and family restoration

    Please pray for me and my family, I am asking the Lord to touch my husband's heart today.

  • Pain and injury

    I've lived in chronic pain for a little over seven years. Finally, my back pain has ceased, but now I have tendonitis in my left foot and a torn meniscus on my right knee. I am so exhausted from being in pain. I am losing faith and starting to feel so so sad (I don't want anger to take over again, please) I can't even bring myself to pray and I need your help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!♡

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