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  • Friend needs Prayer after Loss of a Child

    My dear friend David and his family have lost a child this past week.

    I pray that God provides all of them with the peace and comfort that only You can bring into this terrible occurrence.

    No words can be said to help. Hugs and just being there are all we can do sometimes. As Christians, we have a Comforter to turn to and He is always there for each of us.

    Please God guide them through this time and show them Your care in a tangible way that they can plainly see. Jesus knows the feeling of losing someone close to Him...Thank You for watching over us in this difficult time, Amen...

  • Pain affecting Joy

    A very lovely and caring Godly woman here is Visalia has been afflicted with constant and severe pain that is extremely debilitating for her. Yet, she continues to fervently pray for other people that she know who are in all types of life situations that occur.

    Pain is such a personal thing and only Jesus really understands the pain a person endures.

    Just getting out of bed takes immense energy to mentally overcome the pain for some people.

    Pray for people you know that they may have relief and that God can provide. Our bodies on this earth are only temporary so healing may not happen until we see God face to face.

    If you know someone dealing with constant pain, ask if you can do something simple - bring a home cooked meal, vacuum their house, wash the bedding, dust, mop, clean kitchen, then give a hug and be on your way...even an hour every two weeks is a big deal - simple things for most but can be extremely painful for people battling pain...

    Bring some Joy for Joy to Enjoy! Please help her and others in pain if you are able and willing -

    May God our Father bring comfort and endurance until the finish line and provide a special Blessing on people who help injured people suffering through pain!

  • Job

    I know that I was blessed with my job. There are 3 women in our department and it looks like they are going to downsize our department even more. We all 3 are women of God and are moms and struggle financially, I am asking for prayers not just for my job but for the other 2 women in my department.

  • legal help

    i have civil case i am being sued. need to attain attorney but, do not have the money. pray that god will provide attorney for civil case.

  • God'said Will

    I don't have the money to go see my daughter graduate from college on May 13, 2017. It is my hearts desire to be there. I am low income and disabled. So I am asking God to bless me in seeing her graduate in Rogers, AR. Lord please hear my prayer. I have tried to sell things but it didn'the work out. Lord can you help this single mom out, Amen

  • finances

    Please pray for a financial miracle for us. Also, for wisdom about my job. Thank you!

  • Suicidal toughts

    I wont act them but i need ur prayers... My faith is low... I dnt even know why i feel this​ way.. i am gonna start​ going​ tru a divorce... could be why

  • Addiction

    My cousin Miranda is addicted to alcohol, and I would like prayer for her to be delivered form this. She is struggling and it will end up ruining her life.

  • Need prayer for my aunt health

    About 3 years ago my aunt Laura Gallardo was diagnosed with breast cancer, and they had to remove a breast because the cancer was to severe. After she was doing okay, but now we are finding out that her white blood cells are low. The Doctor is saying that there is a high possibility of the cancer coming back into her body, as well as effecting her heart problems. She then had test done on her brain and they found that she has tribute fibrillation; which implies, The doctor wanting to check her lungs. I ask for healing and strength for my aunt and my family during this hard time.
    Thank you for the prayers!

  • Mom has stage 4 cancer

    Please pray for my mom Michelle who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.

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