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  • Prayers for Co-Workers Son

    Asking for prayers for my co-workers son who has mental health issues. He was taken to the hospital on Friday and believe he only made it through due to the power of prayer. He is a non-believer, please pray that he would come to know God and be saved.

  • Prayers for my son

    My son caused a accident and things are not looking good for him. It has caused him to be angry and stressed. He has had a lot of mental issues in the past and it's really taking a toll on him. I pray every night for him, and feel like nothing I do or say can help him. Therefore, I'm asking for prayer for him to find peace and comfort in Jesus, and prayer for the young boy that was injured and is at home now recovering. In Jesus name!!!

  • Kayla Foster


    A beautiful young lady, Kayla Foster (18), who was going to graduate on June 8th was gunned down in a drive-by shooting early Monday morning in Fresno. I work at Central High School East in the Library and Kayla had been our TA last year. She was always smiling, she was a quiet girl. She had lost one of her brothers I believe the year before. I do not have children, I cannot begin to imagine the pain of losing one child, let alone two. She has a twin brother who has worked very hard to get thru high school, he has earned a scholarship. I pray that God lay out the path for him to stay in school. I pray that God will wrap his arms around the Foster Family and guide them thru the grief of this senseless murder.

  • Prayer for healing and cleansing of infection

    Asking for prayers for my nephew Adonis that the infection around his lungs be gone and healing of his body. For I know where two or more gather in his name God is there, & there are many of us who listen to spirit and would be very grateful for all the prayers. Thank you & God bless

  • Prayer

    I know we all have struggles. I am currently in an emotional/verbally abusive relationship. I haven't left because I have no family or safely to run to. I had been working two jobs to save but recently lost one. I'm at at cross roads which way do I turn. School? Another job?

    Please pray that God will give me clear direction , and that he brings people in my life to guide me.

    Thank u cherise

  • Overwhelmed

    Please pray that I have the strength to continue on. The reason being is that I am a mother of two, and going to school. My classes are extremely stressful, and we live with my husbands father. My daughter has stress that is so bad that it cause physical pain and illness at night. It hurts to see her suffer. I am running on very little sleep between the dogs barking or the children waking up; moreover, causing the lack on energy to take a toll on my body. God please give me the strength to be able to go on for my children. I know school will pay off in the end. The accelerated classes are so overwhelming with the two children and the lack of sleep. I ask for healing over the pain that this season in life is effecting my family and I. Thank You!

  • Trying to get my kids back

    I am trying to find a place to rent but it's hard and not having any luck . I am also trying to get my kids back full custody. I need them back in my life and love them more than anything.

  • Job interview

    Job interview on 5/25 at 8am. Please pray for me. Thank you.

  • employment

    for my daughter she still looking for employment. thank you and god bless.

  • Is God really there?

    I have been applying for full time work and keep getting rejected repeatedly. I keep reaching out to friends to see how they are doing and they don't get back to me and it gives me anxiety and makes me think they don't care. I believe and God and constantly read my Bible and praying but He just doesn't seem to be close to me. I wonder if He has forgotten about me. I know I need to keep trusting Him and seeking Him but I almost want to give up because the prayers just aren't being answered. I will keep trusting but I just am desperate for a sign that He loves me and that He is there I will take anything just to know.

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