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  • new job

    Please pray for my friend (Holly) and my clientele will follow us to the new salon we will be working at. Also, that we get new clients. Thank you and we appreciate it!

  • Lost job

    I recently lost my job. I've had so many interviews but have not landed a job. I have a family to support and bills are piling up. Please pray for me that I can find a job.

  • strength

    need help with aging mother that has dementia . I need help learning patient . and balancing this with my marriage which I'm working on rebuilding.

  • Christmas

    Please pray that my son and I are able to afford a small tree and a Christmas meal this year. I work almost full time on minimum wage and we live check to check. It's really just enough to cover the bare essentials. I've had the heart wrenching task of having to tell my son how sorry I am we won't have a tree or anything special this year for the last six years. This also goes for Thanksgiving, as we didn't have enough to order a Thanksgiving dinner for us from Hometown Buffet. He's a great son. He doesn't complain at all. It just weighs heavy on my heart. Thank you and God Bless.

  • Family

    I ask if you can please pray for my family marriage , husband. My husband has been battling addiction so bad, it has mentally taken over his mind and spirit, he can't even work right now, he is on disability.....I ask that you join me in prayer that he be completely delivered of his addiction and that he is saved and is the husband and father he needs to be to my children and I. Thank you

  • Marriage

    For my husband to be free from the drugs that keep him away from his family his marriage and the dad that we want back I want Christmas to be a happy one we want him to be sober please please please

  • lost job

    I lost my full time job the end of September. I have a part time one but with it and unemployment I'm still several hundred short of having enough to pay bills. I also have an expensive car repair about $700.00 that there is no way I can afford. I also am considering a career change and need God to make it clear if this would be the right path for me.

  • Uncertainty

    I came to this prayer wall as I have in the past with a heavy heart. As soon as I opened the page I felt the weight of the requests on the wall and found myself praying for those prayers here instead. God has been giving me lessons on faith, love, discernment, patience, and loss for the last 12 months and I am worn out, overwhelmed, and doubting my understanding of things. I am trying to listen for His still, small voice-but I feel like I'm failing.


    Having hard times my husband was recently laid off from work. And also my 16yr old son has alot of depression and anger issues.dont want our family to loose faith and hope. just need help with prayer .- Thank You

  • Urgent

    Pls pray for healing for my body and for God's protection for myself, my grandson and my whole family.

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