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  • Work

    Can you please pray that job tension will get resolved. It is affecting a lot of people right now and I pray for God's will to be done in this situation.

  • Support of my child and prayer for her father

    If possible could pray for my little daughter Percy and I and her father .

    Her father has an awful temper : swears, curses and calls me names in front of my daughter. Often over something as trivial as me not drying the towels . The main problem is he doesn’t see that he does anything wrong and I don’t want my daughter raised in this abusive atmosphere. I will race the room , or go outside and he will follow me outside and continue . Then say it is my fault . If prayers could be had to calm him and have him seek help.

    Additionally if you could pray that a career opportunity will come my way that I can take my daughter with me, and I would be able to support her independently.

    Thank you so much .

  • water

    Our well ran dry a couple of months ago and we are having difficulties with financing for a new well. Please pray that the financing and funds will become available.
    God bless you all!

  • Confidence for myself

    Throughout high school and right now in college, I’ve had this fear of being known as dumb. I don’t play any sports or games with my friends, I’m dead silent during my group Bible studies, and I don’t want to speak in front of my congregation anymore because I’m just too afraid of messing up and making myself look dumb. Also, I’m just afraid of people having a negative view of me because they may see me as a downer. I need prayers for confidence.

  • Slowly giving up

    I'm asking for prayers for my car, its the only car I have and its slowly breaking down and I commute to work. I'm the only one working and on supporting a family of 5 and my son has a disability. Please pray that my car situation will change. I need it, its my only way of feeding my family and taking care of them. Please please please. Thank you in advance.

  • Work

    5 years ago, I left my job and home in SF and moved to the Valley to care for my mother. I have been living on my savings and it is running out.

    I have been searching for work since January, and have had 4 interviews and only 2 offers, which I declined as the positions were Part-time.

    One of the obstacles I am facing is my typing speed. I began practicing daily and am doing much better.

    Please pray that the Good Lord sends something my way soon.

    Bless You,

  • In need of kids clothes

    My kids are in need of winter clothes. Its hard to buy some at the moment. Please keep me in prayer. God bless

    1. Kristen

      Are you local? What sizes do you need?

    2. Gladys

      I have girl closes not sure boe much of it is for winter what size ?

  • My brother-in-law is in a coma

    Tonight I'm asking for all your prayers for my brother-in-law. He had a heart attach on Sunday 10/01/17. I know God can make a miracle happen so that he can wake up. Please, please pray for him.

  • Head and Heart to be on the same page

    For 5 years I have been in love with who I thought was my soul mate and best friend. We have been through so much. Most of our own wrong doing. Almost two years ago we had a child together. Something we talked about for a very long time. A little bit of him and a little bit of me always. This is the man who brought me back to church, we were baptized together three years ago this year. He was everything to me. We tired to make God number one in our lives but didn't make him a priority. In the end I know we are not good for each other. Because we know each other so well we bring out the worst in each other. It got to be just too much. Almost a year ago we split. I lost myself in him and his career and feel so empty. I have fallen into what most would call high functioning depression and the last several months I've dealt with anxiety. I have never felt like this before. Not even after my divorce from my daughters father. I don't know how to get my heart to understand what my head already knows. There is no way we can ever get back together and that is for the best. I think it's so hard as we share a child together so I have to see him at least twice a week. I miss his son so much. My daughters misses the family we once shared.

    I have my three children and they are what keep me going. I just don't know what to do. I honestly don't have any friends to talk to, So I'm just stuck in my head with what ifs and the could have been.

    I'm stuck with guilt of another failed relationship, and what my daughters think of me.

    I know God loves me and forgives me doesn't look down on me. I just don't know how to let go. I never have. I've always kept things bottled up.

    Really not sure what I'm even asking for or need. Sometimes things in my head get to be too much and I need to let it out.

    Thank you to whoever took the time to read my babbling.

    1. Nanzooka

      I will pray for you, dear. You will overcome this battle. As children of God, we must surrender EVERYTHING to him. I know it\'s hard because this earth drags us down and lies to us. But He will fight for you. Even though this battle may seem impossible, the one thing that sets one at peace is TRUSTING GOD. Pour your heart into Him. Talk to him, tell Him you trust Him. YOU are NOT alone in this battle. Jesus is sending you power and strength, we just got to reach up and grab it. Reach out your hands and pray. Sometimes getting on our knees is a relief. I pray that you soon experience the supernatural. The Holy Spirit lives in US, lives in you, call on it. I don\'t know who you are but God told me to pray for you. He told me to tell you He loves you, you are His child. He\'s in front go you, behind you, on the side of you, and He is pleased with you. Just give him your heart. May love and laughter come your way.

  • Healing for my niece

    I was told my niece was diagnosed with Intracranial hypertension pressure. She is an amazing mom and she needs your prayers.

    1. Elena

      I will be praying for healing for your niece. My daughter is dealing with the same condition. God bless.

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