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  • Prayer for son

    Please keep my son in prayer and allow him to get the less time possible, He has court on Wednesday the 3rd. he will be sentenced this day. Allow the Judge heart to soften and gives him less than the 5 yrs. My heart hurts to see my son there, But I know there must be a purpose for his life. Please, I ask for protection for him during his time there.
    In JESUS name AMEN!

  • Lord's Will

    Please pray for me, that the Lord would fill me with His Spirit and show me clearly what He wants me to preach on this Thursday for 4th of July celebration as 400 people will be here to hear the gospel. I need a very strong anointing and a clear word from His Word to proclaim that day. Pray that many come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior that night and that the Lord will allow the weather to be cool without rain that day at Henderson Baptist Church. May He grow Henderson Baptist Church spiritually, numerically, financially, ethnically all for the glory of Jesus. May He give me favor with all the people and the community for the glory of Jesus Christ.

  • I need the Lord's help strength and anointing

    Please pray for me this morning to have the strong anointing of the Holy Spirit to preach His Word for His glory. He would move through me and that the Holy Spirit would draw all to Himself. That the lost would be saved, that He would add to the local body with new church members and that He would bring unity to the deacon and church body all for His glory. Also that the Lord would remove the Jezebel spirit and any other demonic spirit that is attacking the church and that He would place His angels encamping around our church and around me and my family.

  • Pray for us and my kids

    Right now I'm confused, depressed, and worried. I'm in an abusive relationship and we need help. Please pray for us. Jesus is powerful and he will lead us the way. Listening to spirit any time makes me happy. And my two kids have caught on to the music and sing along. They love the song God is on the move.

  • Marriage and family restoration

    I am asking for prayer for my husband, I am asking God to please change my husband's heart. I pray that he cuts all ties and contact with the other woman and that he surrenders to God. I have been married for 24 years and my husband left our home in February of 2019, my daughters are devastated and so am I. He just recently moved his stuff out of the other woman's house and will be going to his sister's house....please pray for my marriage restoration and for my family to be reunited again. I know God has been working on our situation and I want to give thanks & praise to our Lord!

  • I need the Lord's help strength and anointing

    Please pray for me, I am preaching/teaching four times today and I need the Lord's anointing and power and strength of the Holy Spirit a double portion to preach with boldness, to rightly divide His Word, and that He would break yokes and set people free and save the lost. His will be done for His glory.

  • Family prayer

    My boyfriend and I are going through a very rough patch and have been for the last 2 years. We have been together for almost 9 years and 2 years ago there was some emotional infidelity. I pray for the mind and heart to forgive and to move on. We have a 6-year-old daughter together, and I really don't want her to come from a broken home. I really want to forgive him 100% and put everything past us.

    He is the sole provider and has recently gone from a great job to a not great, not steady job. We have been applying everywhere and believing for a miracle. My daughter and I listen to Spirit daily. If he's in the car he hears it too, we are believing by faith that one day he will find God again and cry out to him.

  • Mom needs healing

    Please pray for my mother. She has cancer and we have received horrible news yesterday. I would like to believe that God is who decides who goes and not her doctor. I would like prayer in agreement to that she will fight and survive and be here for a long long time. I cry daily from this struggle. Please pray for her and our family to have faith and that God will defeat this battle for us. We need a miracle for my mom. Thank you. My mother's name is Mary Matthews. She is an amazing woman. So amazing.

  • Asking for prayers for myself

    I’m asking for prayers please. I’ve been so depressed and just filled with anxiety. I feel overwhelmed and like I’m ready to just give up. I’m suppose to go back to work soon and I’m not even sure I will make there. I have not felt like this since I was in high school. It’s effecting my family as well, my family knows I’m not myself right now but it’s still hard for them. Each day I wake up I’m unsure if today will be the day I give in. So I’m asking for strength and many prayers because my family depends on me fully, I need to be able to go back to work with a strong mind and I need these feelings to go away. Thank you in advance to those who take the time to read this I appreciate it very much.

  • Spiritual hearing - pure

    Hello, my prayer request is for God to continue to give me the burning desire to get to know him, and I follow thru. I want to make him my everything and my number 1.
    Also that he provides for my August finances.

    Thank you!

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