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  • Deppresion

    I've been feeling down and depressed sometimes even suicidal over the last couple of days but I know that's not going to solve anything, just take away the hurt and pain that I have. A couple reasons I feel this way is because a week a ago today I had two seizures for the first time in over a year; this was so frustrating because I'm not allowed to drive I have to be one year free. Another reason I feel the way I am because I'm going to come out and say it I'm gay, and I really tried praying it away. I've tried fasting and praying more, but nothing seems to work; moreover, the last thing I ask is that you pray that I pass the two finals coming up next week. Anyhow, back to the seizure, I really need them to stop happening and it's not the greatest feeling in the world. Please pray for me, I know not to give up and put my trust in God! Thank you!

    1. Mz. Flores

      Dear listener, i know it can be hard and times seem hopless, but God knows your pain and he wants to take the pain and sadness away. He loves you and wants the every best for you. He root you on to finish this race of life. You are not done yet here on earth, leave your mark to inspire others through depression and overwhelmed feeling alone in this world for you are not for God with you waiting on you to call him. He loves you.

  • unsaved

    Prayers for my friend Bernie and my friend Marife. Pray that they get saved, and find Jesus.



  • prayer for grandma

    I just want to request prayers for my grandmother who is 88 years old her name is Maria Hernandez from Bakersfield. My grandma has severe degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis, and severe scoliosis she just out of the hospital on Wed. The doctors say that she has several fractures in her spine and 1 in her rib. It’s so hard to see her like this she was always a good size strong lady very active now she is down to 95lbs. I try really hard to keep her positive but she just feels that this time God does not see she is suffering. She knows that her pain will never go away and she won’t be 100% again but she would like for the pain to ease up. I pray faithfully for her every day and what bothers me is that these fractures are suspicious could be bone cancer. I guess pray for me as well because I need the strength watching her get worse. We are a good size family but only my uncle and I take care of her. All of her family have abandoned her no phone calls not letters no family visits at home other than me and my kids. I belong to VBF in Bakersfield I have lots of faith in our Lord it’s just really hard to see this happening to her. My grandma raised me since I was 3 yrs old because my mom abandoned me so she is in my eyes my mom and I love her so much. Please lift her up in prayer and that my family come to their senses and reach out to her.

    Thank you so much love your station Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless!

  • Have the best ever hoidays for my kids!

    I like to have prayer for me and my family. Ever year I stress on having Thanksgiving on the table. Its I go out looking for help putting thanksgiving dinner on my table. And every year it harder and harder on me. Than Christmas comes and I don't have Christmas dinner and even worst for me I have 4 boys that HAVE wishes I cant do. I get help at child school only if we get chosen but that hasn't happen since 2 maybe 3 years ago. Children expect gifts under tree. I'm sorry but don't know how to ask for a

  • Pray for Juan, Nerve Damage

    Please PRAY for an elderly man who suffers Back&Neck pain from a fall from a Roof years ago. He has no insurance & is due for a Surgery in S.F., CA soon for Nerve Damage.Thank you all for your prayers.

  • Prayer for Derriel B.

    Please PRAY for an elderly man in the Porterville ICU right now suffered from a stroke.
    Unknown of details, only the Family Asks of Prayerwalls. Please Help us all Pray together. Thank you to All.

  • Healing of Depression, Finances

    Please Pray for my mom's Health so she may be able to work again, to have income to pay for all the Bills, Medical& Dental, + Home&Auto Repairs. Suffers from Anxiety, SleepApnea, Depression.

  • Job

    Please pray for my family. My husband lost his job and we need to find a job very soon. Thank you.

  • Sin

    I recently had an abortion at 6 weeks. Pls do not judge me. I chose the decision based on a lot of reasons. The man I had been seeing was a new relationship 4months & I got scared & selfish. I have been married prior & had 3 almost grown children.while I admit I’m relieved from the morning sickness I am also grieving bc I feel I interfered with Gods plan. My boyfriend has ended the relationship. I not only lost my child but my relationship. I come from a dysfunctional family and have never been loved by a man for who I am. I am never good enough.

    ~ thank you for allowing me to air my sins & your prayer

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