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  • Family

    "Thy Will Be Done" just began playing. My son-in-law served our daughter with divorce papers. Not shocked, but she is still hurting; praying for a different outcome. He has walked away from the Lord and we pray for his life to turn around. Three children: 15, 12 and 10. They have been separated for a year and a half, so life as it is will not change. Back to the song. I was thinking about the words and decided to find them and send them to her. I was reading through the words and realized the song was playing. God's timing. He never fails.

    1. marie

      tell her to hold on God is there in the mist of this storm. Praying for her

  • broken love

    This last year is to much of a storm to type. I ask that you just pray for me to hold on and achieve, love you.

  • Gods hands in my life

    I am in need of prayer and rather keep it to myself God is telling me speak up proclaim His Truth power of prayer works I believe this with all of my heart so without going into details (Gods knows them) I am asking for anyone who is willing and able to please pray for God to reach His mighty hand into my life and situation and above all protect the ones I love. I am putting my Faith and Trust in Him and I know he has already conquered this battle Thank u all for ur love and prayers GOD BLESS

  • URGENT/Desperate

    I am in more emotional pain than I can even begin to describe. I have struggled tremendously in the last 10 years with no breaks to catch my breath. I no longer want to continue this very painful, unending cycle. I have made many attempts to turn my life around but it seems I step back just as quickly as I stepped forward . I made a home out of rock bottom and I can't seem to climb out. I'm lost, hopeless, numb, and desperate. I need a miracle.

    1. Baking ngangel

      Please do not give up. Keep praying and have faith.God hears your prayersI will be praying for you. The enemy wants you to give up.Offer your suffering to our heavenly Father for his glory and for unsaved souls.

  • favor

    Please pray for our church Labor day festival to be a success, everything goes smoothly, we get plenty of help. Also, for nice weather and safety for everyone! Thank you!

  • Missing Woman

    Liz's niece, Priscilla, went missing this week from a rehab program in Bakersfield. No one's heard from her in a couple of days. Priscilla is 33, 5'4" 165lb, and has a 10 year old daughter. Please pray for her safe return.

  • Single Mom needing God's strength to raise kids

    I'm a single mom raising 3 beautiful kids. I'm asking that God gives me strength to overcome obstacles in my life... completing school, focusing on my kids more, and getting a car for my kids as well.

  • HELP

    please pray for my daughter and her husband, he was injured at work about a year ago and has not had any clear answer or treatment, he is in pain chronically and they are struggling financially and emotionally. They have two small children and just really need to know GOD is there for them. My son n law is very depressed and feels as if there is no hope. Thank you everyone

  • healing

    Prayer for my friends 2 yr old son, who has a cyst on brain. I'm asking for faith, strength and healing upon this time of need.

  • Job

    I got let go from my job, it was heavy burden, but i need to pay for my rent and light and gas,
    I putting application every where and trusting God to guide me to right job that fits me. My husband broke his fibula and tibia and he on disability. I pray that God make a way financial for both of us and his leg heals straight

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