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  • Need Healing

    I’m 29 years old and I’m dealing with a host of chronic conditions: anxiety, depression, binge eating disorder, obesity, type 2 diabetes, PMDD, and hypothyroidism. I’m just tired. My body is tired. My soul is tired. I need radical, miraculous healing. Thank you.

  • Kidney Cancer

    John has kidney cancer. on Nov 13 surgery will remove the right kidney, part of ureter and bladder. Praying for Supernatural healing. Comfort and peace in his wife's heart too

  • Ego

    Please pray that I would be humble and have a lower ego. Thank you

  • Prayers for my brother

    I would like to submit a prayer request for my brother Nathan. He is undergoing surgery Monday and I pray that God is with him and the surgeons on Monday. I pray that the results of the surgery come back perfect. I believe in the power of prayer and I am asking for prayers for Nathan.

  • Agreement for healing

    If you’ve heard of Brayden’s Brave Heart on Facebook, you may be familiar with his story; Brayden is a ten-year-old boy who waited years for a heart transplant. He finally received his new heart about two weeks ago. He is currently having complications and is on life support. I’ve already prayed for him. Many have, in fact, I have prayed for healing for Brayden, and I am believing God for healing. I ask that you please join me in a prayerful agreement for Brayden’s heart to be healed, all of his other complications to be stopped, for him to thrive, for him to get to run around the way a kid should, and for him to get to grow up. Thank God for Brayden’s complete healing, thriving, running, and growing up. Thank you so much for agreeing with me.

  • Sad

    I need prayer for a friend that is leaving. I am feeling sad and have people in my life who need a touch of healing from God's hand, Thank You!

  • Need Urgent prayers from a Veteran.

    -Pray for my work situation, as I am wanting to transfer to other government agencies so I can grow in my career. So pray for Lord’s favor that opportunities will open for me with other departments so I can transfer. Pray for Lord’s favor in my applications and transfer process. Pray that Lord finds a right dept for me with right people and management to work with.
    -Pray for my wife’s health and work so she can get licensed in California. Pray for our marriage.
    -Pray for our kids: the teenage daughter, as she is learning driving and pursuing a medical career in future universities. Our baby: that we find a decent daycare for her.
    -Pray for relationship healing between my wife and our teenage daughter.
    -Pray that I get organized in my life and for my walk with God.
    -Pray that I get HolySpirit, wisdom, peace, mercy, favor, mindfulness, alertness and my livelihood from God.
    -Pray that my colonoscopy and nose surgery does well in upcoming weeks and things go favorably.

  • Mom

    My mom, Shawn Dayton, is suffering from anxiety, depression, body pain, and tremors. Would you please prepay for healing in her body and mind. Thank You!

  • Missing piece

    Please pray for my family we are going through a big legal battle. My partner is being accused of things that did not happen. He is facing sever charges. God has been with us from the beginning and continues to be here. We just ask for prayer that his will be done for our family. That with him by our sides we are reunited as a family. Thank you.

  • Car needed

    As I read these prayers I see mine isn't as important, but it is to me. I and my husband share a car and I'm carless all day long. I can't pick my babies up from school, run errands, take me 5-month-old to the dr, or anything else without having to rely on someone else to take me. I've been praying for the money to get a second car. If you could stand in prayer with me I would greatly appreciate it! God bless you all.

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