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  • Autistic son

    My husband just left our marriage after 33 years. Leaving my 19-year-old daughter & my autistic son who is delayed has a seizure disorder and cannot speak & is deaf and myself. My daughter and I can understand everything that has happened with my husband but it's hard to explain to my son why his dad is not coming back. He cries and screams out and it's hard to make him understand why his dad is not home. Or that he's not coming back. It was my husband's decision to leave his family. So please pray for my family and especially my son so God can give him peace in his heart and understanding about the whole thing somehow. Thanks.

  • Job Interview

    I have a job interview Wednesday morning. Praying it goes well. I really a job. Thanks

  • Anxiety

    I've been struggling with anxiety for a few months now & it is debilitating. I pray God heals me from this fear and I can live a happy life once again.

  • Marraige

    Please pray the Lord would bless my family and my marriage today. That my wife and I would get closer to each other in every way and closer to the Lord. That He would bless our marriage spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally, mentally and in every way that He can bless a marriage.

  • Job

    I'm currently attending COS I was hurt on the job I've had for 32 yr, I ran out of temporary disability now I need a job while I attended school please pray God will direct my bath I'm looking at the college for a job praying that will work out thank you all blessings to you Lori <><

  • Healing

    For my friend MaryLou, I pray for healing of her diabetes and fatty liver

  • Father Help

    I've been living in my car for 2 yrs. I was working a part-time job and seeking a second. Just recently I lost my job and, I'm having trouble finding another job. Unemployment has denied me, I don't wanna live like this anymore.
    I need a job and a stable home. I need wisdom to better understand what God is doing with me this season. HELP

  • Need a place to call home for my family

    I need prayer that God will move whatever is in our way and bless us with our own home again. We are living with a family member in an apt that is just not big enough for all of us. I have two wonderful kiddos and a wonderful husband and we really need some mercy showed upon our family and get us in a home of our own. Prayer is so powerful and I know if everyone prays for us I know God will send exactly the home we need Amen

  • Stressed about moving

    I have plans to move to Oregon with my Son. I am getting a lot of feedback Saying that This is really bad. Now can you pray with me and Ask Jesus and God to remove the stress from me. I cannot eat nor Sleep. But I already gave notice to my renter I will be gone in June. Thank You

  • Prayer

    Need prayer to remember that God is Always with me even when the devil uses our own family to attack us.

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