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  • Deliverance

    I would please like to ask for the prayer of my ex-girlfriend who used to serve the Lord but now has resorted to drinking smoking partying and everything like that. I ask God to help bring her back to His ways so that she may be saved once again. It would mean a lot for us all to join me in unity to pray for this miracle to be seen in my life.

  • Unspoken

    Please pray for me. Thank you

  • Prayer request

    Please pray for my friend she I believe is going thru a rough patch.last time.i talked to her she said she was a sap I believe she is a loving kind meek lamb who I respect and care about deeply

  • grief/loss

    Please pray for Darianne, her husband passed away this past week. She is pregnant with their first child. Thank you, I appreciate it!

  • General

    Please pray for me in general. Thank you

  • favor

    Please pray for my unspoken requests! Thank you, I appreciate it!

  • My husbands heart

    I am asking for prayer for my husbands heart to be turned from stone to flesh and that he turn to the Lord first for all of his needs. Thank you and I am praying for all of the listeners and employees of 88.9. May Gods Spirit be with all of you.

  • Unspoken

    Please pray for 2 unspoken prayer requests. Thank you

  • Anxiety attacks

    Please pray for me. I am going through a very difficult time with stress and anxiety; I even had a panic attack. I have never experienced this in the past. I have been a Christian for a long time. I need prayer. Thank you for your prayers.

  • My daughter

    I would like to please ask for prayer for my daughter she going through a very rough time, she’s 22 and her boyfriend of two years just passed away sometime around Easter not sure exactly when because they didn’t find him right away and it’s believed to have been an overdose. She’s always battled depression, anxiety, and suicide due to childhood trauma and a TBI as a senior in high school. With this news, it’s taking a toll on her emotionally. She is such a beautiful person inside and out and has so much to live for. She has a three-year-old son and a family who loves her. With this news, she has once again become lost in emotion and suicidal thoughts, please pray that God gives me the strength and wisdom on how to help her and be there for her without pushing her away I couldn’t bare anything to happen to her. Thank you, and God bless

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