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  • I need the Lord's help strength and anointing

    Please pray for me, I am preaching/teaching four times today and I need the Lord's anointing and power and strength of the Holy Spirit a double portion to preach with boldness, to rightly divide His Word, and that He would break yokes and set people free and save the lost. His will be done for His glory.

  • Family prayer

    My boyfriend and I are going through a very rough patch and have been for the last 2 years. We have been together for almost 9 years and 2 years ago there was some emotional infidelity. I pray for the mind and heart to forgive and to move on. We have a 6-year-old daughter together, and I really don't want her to come from a broken home. I really want to forgive him 100% and put everything past us.

    He is the sole provider and has recently gone from a great job to a not great, not steady job. We have been applying everywhere and believing for a miracle. My daughter and I listen to Spirit daily. If he's in the car he hears it too, we are believing by faith that one day he will find God again and cry out to him.

  • Mom needs healing

    Please pray for my mother. She has cancer and we have received horrible news yesterday. I would like to believe that God is who decides who goes and not her doctor. I would like prayer in agreement to that she will fight and survive and be here for a long long time. I cry daily from this struggle. Please pray for her and our family to have faith and that God will defeat this battle for us. We need a miracle for my mom. Thank you. My mother's name is Mary Matthews. She is an amazing woman. So amazing.

  • Asking for prayers for myself

    I’m asking for prayers please. I’ve been so depressed and just filled with anxiety. I feel overwhelmed and like I’m ready to just give up. I’m suppose to go back to work soon and I’m not even sure I will make there. I have not felt like this since I was in high school. It’s effecting my family as well, my family knows I’m not myself right now but it’s still hard for them. Each day I wake up I’m unsure if today will be the day I give in. So I’m asking for strength and many prayers because my family depends on me fully, I need to be able to go back to work with a strong mind and I need these feelings to go away. Thank you in advance to those who take the time to read this I appreciate it very much.

  • Spiritual hearing - pure

    Hello, my prayer request is for God to continue to give me the burning desire to get to know him, and I follow thru. I want to make him my everything and my number 1.
    Also that he provides for my August finances.

    Thank you!

  • Very special requets

    Thank you, prayer partners and prayer warriors for taking the time to pray. I lift up your prayers concurrently as we pray that whatever they may be I unite as where two or more gather there in the mist He is.....
    All processing of my school where I am attending and going into the second year goes well with no stops of any kind and be able to continue on.
    Employment, job! permanent long term, two jobs if necessary or three. Mature female, so it's getting a little more difficult even if its a min. wage job. Finances are low and need to back to work by July 1st. Also resolution for layoff from prior employment two weeks ago. Father help me with finances, meet my basic needs, am very alone and need some help. Financial supernatural blessing for once in my life Lord lol would be nice. Employment, job, finances $$$ help!!!

    Request for the processing of my application exactly on July 1st to go through for State exam, payment process and be able to schedule my October 2019 State Board test. No holds or glitches. Along with the passing of course.

    And last there is a very specific situation and fervent prayer request for another, this person has a block in their lives of something that happened along with something in employment, this caused a bent instead of linear purpose in their life that God had for them, I fervently pray for this to be corrected, lifted, washed in the Blood of Christ, that the Lord straighten this back on track of life and meet their purpose as the authority in a dept that God had for them from the very beginning. Along with this person doing a review within themselves and change a couple of things in their personal and a growth spurt in this area of their life that also needs to be broken lifted and renewed like the eagle. A promotion that was dwarted back to renewal in this coming month of July. I ask this by faith and also what the Holy Spirit is instructing me to pray for. God knows where this individual is with His GPS and what happened, all the details, and the paper processing for nomination reinstated for CHof
    Pol. and suddenly, making up for 20 years of lost time. God knows.

    There are so many prayers needed, but right now this month and next along with this summer these are the most important and imminent. Please keep us in your prayers every day for this until it comes to pass this year. TY all.

  • Prayer for my family

    Please pray for my family and for marriage restoration I am separated from my husband and I am praying God sends him home.

  • Prayers for son

    I ask to please pray for my son. He will have court on the 3rd of July and he will be sentenced then, The judge will decide if 5,7,9 years will be his sentence. Please, Lord, have mercy on my son and allow him to get a minimal time. You know his heart. I ask you in Jesus name I pray. It so hearts breaking to see one of your kids to send to prison. It completely breaks my heart. THANK YOU, LORD, FOR ALWAYS BEING GOOD TO US, EVEN IN TOUGH TIMES.

  • prayers for family

    Prayers for my friend and family.

  • Lord's Will

    Tomorrow is my birthday, please pray for me in this next year of my life that I would:
    1. Bring more glory to God than ever before.
    2. Produce more spiritual fruit than ever before.
    3. Make the best memories yet with family and friends.
    4. Spread more joy to more people than ever before.
    Please pray with me that it would be so!

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