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  • Baptism Prayer

    Hello, my name is Isela Sollars my (Husband)Joseph Sollars & kids Brandon & Julian will be getting baptized on October 26th I'm asking for prayers to be anointed with the Holy Spirit & to be used as instruments to help the lost souls thank you in Jesus name we pray Amen!

  • Sister

    She suffers from depression and just lost a man friend that she loved. She is angry at God. Restoration.

  • Daughter

    My grown daughter, pray God helps her get back on track, save her marriage, and to realize family is most important.

  • Marriage and family restoration

    I am asking for prayer for marriage restoration, and I have just started to speak to my husband again after he has been gone from our home for seven months. I am asking for the miracle to restore our marriage, and for my husband to come home back to his family.

  • Fresh Anoiting of the Holy Spirit

    Please pray the Lord's Holy Spirit anointing for me to preach His Word tonight for the people whom He will send to church tonight. We need the presence of the Lord tonight in all ministry activities at Henderson Baptist Church. May the Lord be gracious with us tonight.

  • Autism BBQ

    Hello, community. My family just got back from the Visalia Autism BBQ and we were so blessed and grateful to have gone. We have 3 children in the spectrum and realize the challenges of everyday life. Today we were reminded of a family out there with very similar challenges. We were so encouraged through this free event and want to thank everyone who helped make this part of our family day today. Please pray for the autism community. There are spiritual and physical needs in this area of life. God bless everyone who attended this event and all the families who have been touched by autism. Thank you.

  • Pray for my daughter

    Her marriage is in danger, she goes out nightly to a bar, leaving her husband and children. Then goes to her new friends afterwards. She needs God back in her life.

  • Safe travel

    Please pray for my wife and children's safe travel as they are traveling to South Carolina this morning. That the Lord will give them protection and bless their time in South Carolina also

  • Direction

    Please pray for me. I was hurt on the job. In 2016 I fell and injuring my knees & back, my job requires a lot of standing since I've had surgery I'm no longer able to continue to do this type of work. I've was offered settlement of my case to get a settlement amount, or medical for any issues I may continue to have with my knees. I took the settlement I was also given a voucher that it's only to use to go back to school. Since I've been at in this career for about 32 years, I'm sorry for this long story; I currently am a student at COS taking classes in a business type work computer, not sure what God has in mind. The settlement I received ran out still no job and wondering what direction I'm to go. I'm 56 yrs old. I was told by my Dr to apply for SSID which I did, I've worked all my life, and I'm terrified of my current situation please pray for me. I was going to quit school and try to find a job again fearful of what I will be able to do with the injury to my knees ultimately I want a career in an office type setting where I don't have to stand all day, and if I could be supplemented with SSID I could manage financially. That would be my plan and prayer again. I'm sorry this is so long thank you again for your prayers bless you all.

  • healing

    Please pray the Lord heals my wife of a severe headache right now. May the Lord bring healing quickly this morning.

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