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  • Prayer

    Please keep Logan Eli Duran in your prayers. He’s at valley chickens hospital. I know God has my little friend in his holy hands will heel him in Jesus name!! I have faith that Jesus is king of all kings, Drs of all Drs and is going to do a big miracle. I’m Jesus name I pray amen! #havefaith#heisthekingofallkings

  • Pastor has major health issue, flown to Fresno

    Our pastor has a brain bleed and was taken by ambulance then airlifted to Fresno. Neurologist says it’s serious. We know God is the Great Physician and he hears our prayers. Pray for the doctors involved too.
    First Missionary Baptist Church of Armona. Thank you.

  • Finding a place to live

    My son will be graduating from High School and we are on Housing Authority and we will have to move as soon as he graduates. We are asking for God's Favor to show us a Miracle . That we won't be homeless after his graduation. That by asking for God's favor that we will find a forever home, Thank you for reading my prayer today. Amen

  • praying for a miracle

    My friend has been battling cancer and the doctors are now giving her days maybe weeks to live. We need prayers for a healing miracle that God puts his healing powers over Claudia we pray this in Jesus name, Amen! Thank you

  • Addiction

    Please pray for me to quit my addiction, please pray that I can have the will power to say no. I just really want to be different, to be better. thank you and God bless you ❤️

  • Restore and Deliver

    Lord, help restore and deliver my friend John Mark King. Bring back the friend that was in communication, funny and use to laugh with me. I lost him and want him back. Tear down those walls he has put up Lord. I love my friend. Show up and restore what has been lost, Jesus. Open up his eyes. Invade his space and sleep tonight. Thank you for your miracles.

  • My Husband's Disbelief

    My husband used to run the men's quorum and knows quite a bit about the Bible, but unfortunately, some things confused my husband more than strengthen his faith. My husband tells me it did not help his belief in God at all. He is not sure if there is a God, but lives to do the right thing in case there is a God. He makes comments of God possibly being made up, but he knows God is very much in my life and very important in my faith and respects that. My husband is a good man and not a jerk. If you knew him, you would never know he is confused or possibly a nonbeliever. It just makes things hard sometimes that we are not always on the same page about church activities. I want to be involved more and hold back sometimes because I feel he will not be 100% engaged with me. I miss being more involved. My husband needs prayer, but sometimes I am not sure what to pray for, for him. Please pray for my husband; he needs to be sure there is a God and not have doubts. He needs to be that Christian man of God. The head of the household, that Christian husband & father he was born to be. I get tired sometimes, and I need my husband's help in my faith. It's hard sometimes to keep the kids' belief in Christ when they don't see my husband committed and skipping Sunday mass. He does go sometimes for my sake, but not on a regular basis. I am just happy when he does go and pray that God will open his heart and ears and perhaps plant a little seed or water whatever seed he has already planted.

    Thank you.

  • give my husband the will power

    My husband has been fighting a drug battle since he was 13 years old, he now is30, and I would love if you may pray for him; he is loved. And he could break this chain of addiction. May his way of thinking to be changed from giving up on himself and his family to knowing God's plan for him. Thank you so much!

  • freedom for husband

    God will vindicate husband and bring him home to his family very soon because we miss him.

  • ICU - Prayers Needed

    Please pray for my beloved brother-in-law Richard who is in ICU. Richard has a wife and three beautiful children that love and need him dearly. Please pray that Richard's breathing is restored and that his brain has not been damaged. We love him so much! Please pray!

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