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  • The Lost One

    I am in need of strong prayer from all in Christ..
    In the name of Jesus I am stopping my addiction cold turkey. I know this dangerous but I can't afford rehab. Plus I need to put all my trust and in my Papa (God). I need to be able to believe in myself again, and know that with Him everything is possible.. I want to be able to speak on His Name..!
    I need him more than ever..!!

    I have always known i am nothing without him.. I just let go of his hand after the tornado that broke my 30yr marriage.. It’s a long ugly painful story.. But anyhow, I am tired of putting this and everything that has been happening as excuses for my use. I want and need to see the person my papa created me to be once again..!
    I feel so.. So.. Weak! I need to feel alive..
    I may feel like I can’t do this.. And feel soo... Scared but I know my papa can and I will hold on to his hand as strong as I can..
    Just asking for prayers.. Please.

    Papa I am soo scared.. I need you.. !

    1. brenda franklin

      Celebrate Recovery is a wonderful program. There are so many who will love you through recovery there. Don\'t think about it. Just find a meeting and go. God be with you!

  • Graduation

    I am here asking for prayers from my family in Christ. I have made many mistakes throughout my college career and I just pray that God forgives me. I might not walk for commencement next month and I am in need of a miracle. I know that my God, our God, can make the impossible happen, because nothing is impossible for Him. My faith is definitely being tested and I am trying to remain strong. Please help me pray to God for this miracle.

    1. Pam

      God does forgive you! May He guide your steps, and give you peace. May you have confidence in His love & power. May His name be praised as a result of all that transpires.

  • Family member

    Please pray for a family member that has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.

    1. PSP

      May God’s comfort, mercy wisdom, and healing be poured out on you & your family. His love for you is without measure. As you & your family walk through difficult times, may He sustain you. May the Holy Spirit work in powerful ways.. God Almighty, Everlasting Father, our Healer, we cry out to you for a miracle., that all may see and know that You alone are God, and that You hear those who cry out to You. In th name of Jesus.

  • Prayers for Son

    Please keep my son in prayer as tomorrow he will have two different court times, praying for a victorious outcome. Please allow him to come home and for him to have realized that is not a place for him to be in. I appreciate all your prayers in Jesus Name AMEN!

    1. Psp

      God, we ask you to work powerfully in this young man’s life. Pursue him. Open his eyes to the spiritual war around him, so he will know God the Father,, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit are greater that any other power. Give him a heart that hopes in You alone, and see the joy & rest of living in the shelter of the Most High, and the shadow of the Almighty. Jesus alone can save lest any man should boast.

  • Home security

    I unite with my prayer partners and lift my prayer requests with them and theirs too, God knows what they are:

    As a point of contact and for Angels to be dispatched and the Holy Spirit to hover over me and the home I moved into. Fervent prayer for this room rental; secure it and my time there, for as long as possible until I can move into a permanent home of my own or where ever God and what ever He has for me. In the mean time allow me to feel that I have home security as I pay the rental monthly. Keep the peace with the owner and her children. Although I am never home. Also a lot of prayer for finances and secure my part time job at a dept store near by. Am looking for a second job as a full time and somewhere where I may retire. This is very important and imminent since I have no one, no help, and a mature female at fifty it is more difficult. Keep me in your prayers please. Cover myself with the Blood of Jesus. Break all curses, spirits, generational things. Direct my steps Lord.

    1. Psp

      Praise You God for Your faithful love that endures forever. Shower our sister with Your mercy & provision. As she clings to You as her rock, may she find herself secure. Give her confidence in Your plan, power, and love. Bond and cut off any plan, word, or deed that does not cost me from You, and protect her from the enemy with Your armour. Grant her favor in the eyes of others. Your eyes are on the sparrow. How much more you care for Your children. Thank you Everlasting Father for the great things You are going to do. Remember that we are dust, and carry us in our weakness and distress. In Jesus name.

  • Prayer for stepson

    Asking for prayers for my stepson Jordan going through some health issues is 17 and is pretty scared as some of the diagnoses can be life threating, but I know we have the doctor of all doctors!

    1. Psp

      God of all comfort, let Your love, and healing presence be known by this boy. Give wisdom to the doctors & family. Do miracles that Your name may be praised, and our faith strengthened. Reveal Your purposes. Remove all fear. Holy Spirit come in power, and authority, bringing freedom, peace, and victory.

  • Prayers for peace and wisdom

    My husband of 12 years left me yesterday and says he plans on filing for divorce. I just don’t know what to do now. I know God is in control and has a perfect plan for my life. But this completely blindsided me and I feel so lost and broken.

    1. Psp

      God of reconciliation, convict this husband’s heart. May he see his wife as You do, and may his heart be new. Bring about confession, forgiveness, and restoration. May he see his wife as Christ sees the Church. May he surrender, and become a God led husband, who protects his family in the power of the Holy Spirit, not his own strength. May his wife know that You are her refuge, and that You see her as Your precious treasure. May she be able to smile at the future even in the midst of chaos, and pain, because You are her hope, portion, and comfort.

  • Safe return

    Prayer for safe return of my granddaughter Anaiise Alas. Mom took her on Sunday before church we stopped so she can visit with mom, mom left her grandmothers home from backyard. Mom unfortunately is addicted to drugs and was recently arrested for drugs she was also evicted from her home so we are not sure where she is with my granddaughter. My son will be going to emergency court for sole custody and unfortunately no visitation rights for mom until she gets on her feet. The Alas family is needing all the prayers we can get for her safe return and for court. Thank you

    1. Psp

      God protect this grandchild, and bring salvation, healing, and freedom to all in this situation. Bring victory over addiction that Your name may be praised and Your fame be spread. Let the grandchild know You are watching over everything, and nothing can separate her from Your love that we have received access to through Jesus.. May everything be done according to Your will and plan. May nothing from the enemy succeed.

  • Prayers for son

    Please pray for my son that recently was arrested and has three felony's. I ask for him to use this time to be really repents from his mistakes and that our Lord has MERCY on us and him and allows for the charges to be dropped. I ask him dearly to please allow my son to come home. It really breaks my heart to hear him hurt. We are in need of prayers for our family please! In JESUS name AMEN!

    1. Psp

      God, we have all sinned, and fall short of Your glorious standard. May this young man be convicted of his sin, repent, and know You are faithful and have the power to forgive, and transform us. May he be transformed in his heart and mind. May he see Your hand of love, mercy, and provision at which to in his life. May he truly be changed with the desire, and ability to seek You first, and follow Your Word. Use him to reach many for the gospel of Christ. May the Fruit of the Spirit burst forth into his life, because he is now surrendered to Your good and perfect will. May the family never give up hope, but keep praying in faith. and see their faithful prayers rewarded.

  • Patience

    I need prayers that God will give me the ability to be patient and to know that he is handling everything in my life. All too often I see myself getting anxious because things do not go my way, and I am praying that God has a bigger plan for me.

    1. Psp

      You are not alone in your need & prayer reques. He who began a good work in You is faithful to complete it. You are God’s masterpiece created for good thIngs He planned in advance for you. Have confidence in Him. Many Christians share the same challenges as you. Don’t be disheartened, Christ has overcome all our challenges, even if we do t see it yet.

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