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  • My husbands heart

    Please pray for the conversion of my husbands heart from stone to flesh and for the healing & restoration of my family and marriage.

  • Prayer request urgent

    Please pray for Greg and Angelo, for deliverance from terrible addiction, for salvation, for their mind and body to be whole and not be damaged from addiction. For them to be the fathers they should be.

  • Need a Job

    I have been out of work almost 4 years. 3 years ago I was in a head on collision with a semi on the freeway. The driver crossed over from northbound traffic and crashed into me, as I was traveling southbound. I suffered multiple broken bones and multiple injuries. My case with the trucking company is still pending and I have been struggling to find work. My prayer request is that I find a job while waiting on my case to settle. I dont want to lose my home and be out on the streets.

  • favor

    Please pray for me not to get picked for jury duty. I can't afford to be off work; I am struggling to get my bills paid now. Thank you, I appreciate it!

  • Healing

    Please pray for Robert as he is in the hospital tonight with heart issues. Please pray for healing for all 3 of my adult children. Please pray that my son's SSI comes through for him. Please pray for a good Christian roommate for myself. Thank you!

  • Prayer Request for a Home

    Please pray that God will provide a home of my own.

  • prayer request

    Please pray for the salvation of Caden, Brian, K.K., Louis, Diana, C.M., Jeremy, Leilani, Sheik, Amy, Elias, Sean, Jack, Thomas, Sean, Celeste, K.L., Alex, Jovanni, Chris, Diana, Seb, Kevin, Saint, Stephen, Michael, Bruce, Thomas, David, Joey, Radhames, William, Adam, Jeffery, Joan, Javier, Ulysses, Kashawn, Anthony. Please pray for me and my return to The LORD because it has become challenging for me to do so. Please pray for my deliverance from any strongholds and bondages and my repentance toward God and faith toward the Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray that The LORD heals my backsliding, body, mind, spirit, soul, and that He protects me from, exposes, and confounds the wiles of the devil and my enemies. Please pray, The LORD will help me with the trials I am going through and for Him to restore the years that have been taken. Pray that my situation turns around as He did for Job and Joseph. Finally, The LORD provides for all of my spiritual and material needs. Than

  • Lift Skye up in prayer!

    Skye has Congestive heart failure at 43. HE IS BEING RELEASED TODAY FROM HOSPITAL AND I AM AFRAID IT'S NOT A GOOD DECISION! Lord please have MERCY on SKYE! AMEN

  • Healing from anxiety and panic

    I’ve been going through a time in my life with anxiety peaking at its highest, and I’m constant panic, worry, stress. I need healing and prayers that I get past this. Please and thank you

  • Protection

    Please pray for protection for Brianna, my daughter, that she has experienced "paranormal activity." I'm not sure as to what kind of paranormal activity she would not tell me after I asked her. Thank you for your prayers. Thank You, God, for protecting Brianna in Jesus name Amen!!!

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