Garth’s Custom Barrels

Garth Richards

 Located in Central California, I offer an easy to use custom smoker barrel bbq that produces amazing results and can be customized to just how you want it! Utilizing a specially calculated air intake vs. outflow formula and efficient burning charcoal basket, you have the ability to smoke your favorite meats low and slow for hours. Always featuring food grade barrels as well as stainless steel food grade meat hooks. Your friends and family will call you The Barbecue Expert and you’ll be amazed by how easy it is to create tender and flavorful the meats, far superior to what could normally be produced on a traditional barbecue. Whether you want to lay your meats on a grilling grate or pull out your Inner Caveman and spear your meat and hang it! Cook for yourself or cook meats in bulk, you can do it all!

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Categories: Food and Drink