Prayer Wall

  • My friend Rhonda

    Please pray for Rhonda for strength physically, emotionally, and spiritually!
    GOD bless!

  • my children

    I have my oldest who just left for college at 17 yrs old in Oklahoma. My youngest is 9 suffering from bipolar depression, and autism as well as other diagnosis. I recently took in two young men who haven't been to school in 2 yrs and need some guidance. I'm praying that they all find their way and lean on their faith in time of discouragement. I am doing everything I can for all four of them. We are a one income household but we keep going because we know our God will always provide.

  • trouble marriage

    hello, please pray for my marriage to be healed and reconciled in the name of our mighty lord JESUS! and please pray for healing of depression that am going thru thank you!

  • Spirit listener

    SAVINO ESTRADA in State prison and
    MARIO ANGULO in State Prison protection,provision, guidance

  • Daughter

    Protection and peace for my daughter

  • Work

    Unspoken prayer request about my work place and the environment.

  • Spiritual warfare

    God please administrate the world situation from the throne for the move of the great wheel of His economy, to bless the nations of United States and Canada for the sake of His purpose, and to preserve the people and the land for His own will (Psa. 33:12; Ezek. 1:15; Matt. 24:14).
    God please give godly fear and wisdom to those in high positions of government so that the saints can lead a life in relative peace and tranquility in order to carry out God's desire to save humankind and to release the truth (Ezra 6:10; Jer. 29:7; 1 Tim. 2:2).
    God please pour out a spirit of prayer and supplication on the churches in the recovery so they will intercede on behalf of all people according to the desire of the Savior God (1 Tim. 2:1, 3-4).

  • Prayers for Gods will

    Prayer for all the immigrant children in detention centers without their parents. Prayer for our nation and God’s will

  • healing

    For our family friend sister Donna, newly diagnosed with cancer. Praying that is has not spread anymore for strength and faith for her and family. Thank you

    1. ANNA

      I LOVE MY MOTHER, MISS HER EMENSLY ! my mother died from cancer, if i known THEN what to have given her i would of bought her ….\".90 for life YOUNGIVITY\", THIS MAY BE THE ANSWER ……FOR DONNA… GOD BLESS…-ANNA

  • Ask God for answer

    Lord have mercy on Samuel please answer his prayer fulfill his vow to you.
    Lord please be real to Samuel show Him the miracle.
    Lord please protect Samuel from the accuser Satan and strength his inner being against all lie and fears.
    Lord please take away all kinds bad luck and unfortunate curse, blessing him in spiritually and materially.
    Lord please provide Samuel desirable job and fulfill his heart desired, make him usable for you.

    Thank you Lord, for your provision and answer.

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