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  • My brother-in-law is in a coma

    Tonight I'm asking for all your prayers for my brother-in-law. He had a heart attach on Sunday 10/01/17. I know God can make a miracle happen so that he can wake up. Please, please pray for him.

  • Head and Heart to be on the same page

    For 5 years I have been in love with who I thought was my soul mate and best friend. We have been through so much. Most of our own wrong doing. Almost two years ago we had a child together. Something we talked about for a very long time. A little bit of him and a little bit of me always. This is the man who brought me back to church, we were baptized together three years ago this year. He was everything to me. We tired to make God number one in our lives but didn't make him a priority. In the end I know we are not good for each other. Because we know each other so well we bring out the worst in each other. It got to be just too much. Almost a year ago we split. I lost myself in him and his career and feel so empty. I have fallen into what most would call high functioning depression and the last several months I've dealt with anxiety. I have never felt like this before. Not even after my divorce from my daughters father. I don't know how to get my heart to understand what my head already knows. There is no way we can ever get back together and that is for the best. I think it's so hard as we share a child together so I have to see him at least twice a week. I miss his son so much. My daughters misses the family we once shared.

    I have my three children and they are what keep me going. I just don't know what to do. I honestly don't have any friends to talk to, So I'm just stuck in my head with what ifs and the could have been.

    I'm stuck with guilt of another failed relationship, and what my daughters think of me.

    I know God loves me and forgives me doesn't look down on me. I just don't know how to let go. I never have. I've always kept things bottled up.

    Really not sure what I'm even asking for or need. Sometimes things in my head get to be too much and I need to let it out.

    Thank you to whoever took the time to read my babbling.

    1. Nanzooka

      I will pray for you, dear. You will overcome this battle. As children of God, we must surrender EVERYTHING to him. I know it\'s hard because this earth drags us down and lies to us. But He will fight for you. Even though this battle may seem impossible, the one thing that sets one at peace is TRUSTING GOD. Pour your heart into Him. Talk to him, tell Him you trust Him. YOU are NOT alone in this battle. Jesus is sending you power and strength, we just got to reach up and grab it. Reach out your hands and pray. Sometimes getting on our knees is a relief. I pray that you soon experience the supernatural. The Holy Spirit lives in US, lives in you, call on it. I don\'t know who you are but God told me to pray for you. He told me to tell you He loves you, you are His child. He\'s in front go you, behind you, on the side of you, and He is pleased with you. Just give him your heart. May love and laughter come your way.

  • Healing for my niece

    I was told my niece was diagnosed with Intracranial hypertension pressure. She is an amazing mom and she needs your prayers.

    1. Elena

      I will be praying for healing for your niece. My daughter is dealing with the same condition. God bless.

  • Healing for Relationships

    Please pray for Leo to have a better relationship with his kids. And, for them to respect him. Thank you, we appreciate your prayers!

  • Guidance and Safety for Daniel

    Please pray for God's will in my life and my son, Daniel's life (13 yrs old). He plays tackle football and I want him to be safe from any injury. I also want God to guide me to the people for whom may be helped by my testimony and charity. Thank you, Spirit 88.9!!

  • on my last straw

    I don't know where to start... I'm a strong will person and I have a very strong personally but I have learn to put others before me, or so I try, but my husband for the last 13 years is a narcissist. He does not have a filter and says what is on his mind and is not polite on how he says it . He is very hurtful when he speaks to you. Frankly I though of walking out on him numerous times. Don't get me wrong he does not drink or have any bad habit's but the one thing is he does not care if he hurts your feelings . When I got married I told myself that I would work though every single obstacle that came across and that I would not give up on us. It has become so hard to live with him. I'm miserable and he does not care to fix what is falling apart because of his way of thinking . I have lost myself . I have a 10yrs daughter and 8yrs old autistic son and I want to save my marriage but it hard when only one person is trying. OH GOD ! please show me the way and allow me to see and make the right choice.

  • for my daugher

    Prayer for my daughter who is having her 2nd son, she has been thru a lot with her brain tumor and recovery. Thank you for your prayers.

  • Various Prayer Requests

    1-Pray my mother's blood sugar level is normal and for her to be healed of type 2 diabetes. Also, pray she has no side effects from medication and handles stress well. 2-Pray my father is healed of prostate cancer and parkinsons disease. Also, pray he has good mobility, has energy and sleeps straight thru in the night. 3-Pray a confidential need of mine is met.

  • Healing

    Prayer for my daughters friend's mom, who was misdiagnosed and now has meningitis. Prayers for entire family and healing.
    Thank you!

  • Weapons formed against me by my ex husband

    I have been divorced over 10 years,,,it was a horrible court and life experience.... my ex family has come against me with drama and lies,,,, they embellish and are digging and grasping at straws,,,twisting stories and doing almost anything and everything to bring me down....they thrive on this and do it to each other as well. I pray no weapons against me shall prosper and that I may be forgiven of anything I have done to engage drama... I ask for God to work on them as well and find positive loving things to do with there time....I ask that they quit bullying and threatening me,,,,that God will protect and guide me and continue to bring me away from them, I ask for courage and strength to stand up for myself.

    1. Tania

      Hello, Praying for you! I too suffer from panic attacks, usually while driving on the freeway, or in large crowds (like in Costco, hehe), but I started taking a medication \"Venlafaxine ER\". I am now able to drive on the freeway for short trips and no more panic attacks in those large enclosed places. I pray that you find the right med for you, if that will help. I know God uses medicine to help us, but I also pray He will take any anxiety and fear from us so we don\'t need medication.

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Praise Wall

  • Earlier, I asked for prayer about my college application. Well, I got accepted into Liberty University and just registered in my first classes. I am so thankful for this. Thank You!

  • On Nov 1st.2017-I was admitted at Kaweah Delta hospital and suffering s stroke.I suffered a siezure & then on Nov.3rd I had a shift in my brain due to bleeding on my brain & then I was Medivaced to Kern Medical centers ICU and my husband brought my radio so I could listen to Spirit 100.1 in my room.I got ministered to 24/7 & on Nov.7, 2017 fine-motor skills returned to Normal & I went straight from ICU to HOME♡Thankyou Spirit 88.9 & 100.1 Your ministry really blessed me & Helped me through a rough few days♡One of my nurses sang along with the radio, I could hear her! I am going to start giving to your ministry♡

  • I have asked for prayer several times on here in the past 40 days, and my post said simply, "I've lost too much to list". Well I got bit by a spider and almost died; however, walking home from the store a man offered me a ride and said, "you really look shot out" I said, "Ok, I had been trying to rent out a room in my house because a con-woman had taken me for Everything!". So long story short the guy who gave me a ride home needed to rent a room not only that but his coworker needed one too. To my surprise the coworker was a brother of mine from long ago, where we met at a RSAT drug recovery school I had attended. I was in awe of what was happen in front of my eyes.
    I'm going to be able to get my licence, car, and some work. Furthermore, I just keep crying my eyeballs out because I was going my own way in life, but God used this con-woman, the spider bite, and everything to bring me back. Like the song says , "Who am I that the eyes that seen my sin would look on me with love and watch me rise again". Thank you and I love you all!

  • Hello, I posted the prayer request below 7/12/17. On 7/14/17 we received a call that our daughter was at a safe house after being hit by her boyfriend. We brought her home immediately. Everything she owned was left and she was given clothes from the young lady that took her in. Since 7/14 she waivered with using drugs and detoxing as well as wanting to go back to the relationship and refusing rehab. However, as of 7/20 she reached out to one of her hold addict friends who is now clean and sober. Through him she went to an AA meeting. Through that meeting she met several young ladies and went on a day trip with the group. She is progressing and wants to go to rehab now! She saw a glimpse of a life she has not known. She has a long way to go and needs continued prayer. I thank God for this ministry and I thank you all for your prayers for her sobriety and re-dedication to our Lord and Savior!
    Original Post.....Daughter with drug addiction

    Hello, my 21 year old daughter is currently living homeless and has developed a horrible rash on her entire body. She started using drugs with he friends at about 14 years old and meth when she was 17. She is with her boyfriend and both are using heroin now. She was raised and baptized in church and knows the Lord but has strayed away and doubts her faith. Her boyfriend is a satanist and actively displays symbols etc. She is homeless with him living in a tent near Morro Bay at a campsite. Please pray for her rededication to the Lord, her willingness to go to Teen Challenge and healing. We have two girls 9 and 16 at home still who have seen everything from the violent outbursts and theft to her laying motionless barely breathing. Please also pray for strength for all of us and direction to help her.

    posted on July 12, 2017 at 08:35 AM

  • A couple of months ago I wrote in about trying to leave a emotional/verbally abusive relationship. I had also lost one of my two jobs. I know that just because we pray that things change instantly but God opened a door for a place I can afford in a safe area. It will be small but cute and I will no longer have to be called names, afraid or scared. I'm truly trusting God & stepping out in faith. No family or real resources. Just God.
    Have not found a second job yet but asking God direct my path.
    Thank you thank you for your prayer!

  • I was unemployed for so long. I remember posting a prayer request here a few months back. I am happy to say that I have been working at my new job for about a month now. I Thank the Lord for hearing my and answering my prayers and I thank everyone who prayed for me. God bless

  • I like you to play the song Overcomer. I was stressing one day about my career choices, money issues, and other things when I said a small pray for God to send a miracle or just send me the strength to keep going when that song came on. It gave me the courage to keep going. God is good!

  • I asked for prayer several months ago because I had lost my job and also had expensive car repair. God is good. I applied for rental assistance in December and got $500.00 toward rent and was able to get my car fixed. I was also offered a dream job, which was quite the process of 4 months of getting government approval and security clearances, and waiting for paperwork. I had my first day on Wednesday March 1st. I know this is where God wants me to serve. I will be using all the skills and experiences I've gained in my life through good times and hard times to help military families. It is a good salary and benefits, so no more 3 jobs, just one full time and one on some weekends . I thank everyone for their prayers, they worked.

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