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  • Kids at new school

    Please pray for my 4 kids who just started school in Clovis unified. They went from knowing everyone at school to know no one. I just want them to make some good friends and not feel like an outsider. We are also putting them in sports. My prayer is that God directs their paths and surrounds them with good, positive people and that they grow and learn and believe in themselves and their new environment. I ask that you would also pray with me, please. I know prayers move mountains. Thank you.

  • Prayer to stop smoking

    I need prayer to stop smoking I really don’t want to smoke no more I need to be healthy. Thank you and God bless!

  • Be able to work hard in a full-time job

    I need prayer to be able to work a full-time job to support my family and that I’m healed of my mental illness with full strength to praise God thru my job.

  • New Job

    Prayer for the son-in-law on a new opportunity, to find a better job with a higher income to support his family. We know God opens doors and always makes a way. Thank you.

  • Finances

    Please pray for me, I am in need of a huge financial miracle. Thank you, I appreciate your prayers!

  • scared

    looking for direction in dangerous times.

  • Prayer please

    My husband is missing and I am having a hard time dealing with day to day life. I pray that God delivers him, protects him wherever he lays his head and to give me strength and comfort to overcome the things I don’t understand. Please pray for my family

  • Prayer for God's will and comfort

    I’m just going through some issues and I know God is working and everything is already in his hands. I just need prayer for comfort while going through this time

  • Please pray for my father-in-law (Healing From Cancer & Salvation)

    Please pray for my father-in-law (Thomas). He has stage IV cancer. Please pray with me and ask God to ease Thomas' suffering and to completely heal him. But, more importantly, please pray for his salvation. Thank you!

  • Prayer for my husband

    Hi I would would like to request prayer for my husband Miguel who is lost in addiction and is very separated from God, me and our children. Please pray for his salvation and complete surrender to the Lord, for his freedom from addiction and for the restoration of our marriage and his relationship with our children. For the Lord to convict his heart of everything he is doing to let him see how he is hurting his family. Thank you for your prayers, God bless you.

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