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  • Daughter

    Protection and peace for my daughter

  • Work

    Unspoken prayer request about my work place and the environment.

  • Spiritual warfare

    God please administrate the world situation from the throne for the move of the great wheel of His economy, to bless the nations of United States and Canada for the sake of His purpose, and to preserve the people and the land for His own will (Psa. 33:12; Ezek. 1:15; Matt. 24:14).
    God please give godly fear and wisdom to those in high positions of government so that the saints can lead a life in relative peace and tranquility in order to carry out God's desire to save humankind and to release the truth (Ezra 6:10; Jer. 29:7; 1 Tim. 2:2).
    God please pour out a spirit of prayer and supplication on the churches in the recovery so they will intercede on behalf of all people according to the desire of the Savior God (1 Tim. 2:1, 3-4).

  • Prayers for Gods will

    Prayer for all the immigrant children in detention centers without their parents. Prayer for our nation and God’s will

  • healing

    For our family friend sister Donna, newly diagnosed with cancer. Praying that is has not spread anymore for strength and faith for her and family. Thank you

    1. ANNA

      I LOVE MY MOTHER, MISS HER EMENSLY ! my mother died from cancer, if i known THEN what to have given her i would of bought her ….\".90 for life YOUNGIVITY\", THIS MAY BE THE ANSWER ……FOR DONNA… GOD BLESS…-ANNA

  • Ask God for answer

    Lord have mercy on Samuel please answer his prayer fulfill his vow to you.
    Lord please be real to Samuel show Him the miracle.
    Lord please protect Samuel from the accuser Satan and strength his inner being against all lie and fears.
    Lord please take away all kinds bad luck and unfortunate curse, blessing him in spiritually and materially.
    Lord please provide Samuel desirable job and fulfill his heart desired, make him usable for you.

    Thank you Lord, for your provision and answer.

  • Peace & direction

    My husband, Walter, was hit by a drunk driver while driving a bus a work. The Dr states with his injuries, he may not be able to drive a bus any longer. He's been on workers comp for two weeks and he's showing signs of depression and with the Dr's latest news it's worse. Please pray for peace and direction, as well as healing. Thank you.

  • Parents Marriage

    My parents are struggling in their marriage. I am indeed a freshman in high school, and I am honestly fearful for the outcome. My dad has attempted to cheat on my mom by talking to women. I secretly talked to my therapist and she said that there is faith for your parents to overcome this time of hardship, but I honestly NEED prayer. My younger brother and I are needing reassurance. I do ask that people would PLEASE pray for me and my family as it is going through a tough storm. I know my parents just need couple therapy, but my dad thinks they don’t need it. Whatever happens, I know that it will be in God’s hands. Thank you.

    1. Tina

      Just prayed for your family dear. I truly hope in my heart and in faith that your parents overcome this obstacle and trial. I know exactly how you feel and what you are going through. I prayed that everything turns around and your family is united and rebuilt through Christ Jesus. Amen!

    2. Shirley Weaver

      I\'ve seen God do many miracles in families lives including my own. I pray peace and joy for youand your family sling with reconciliation.

  • My Husband

    Please pray for my Husband Miguel who is struggling very bad with drug and alcohol addiction, he is so lost. Please pray for him to find his way back to God and for our marriage as well, we are struggling also as he says that our marriage is over, I believe that he is saying these things because of his addiction. Please pray for his salvation, our marriage and our family. Thank you!

  • Please Help me

    I had an argument with a supervisor because I think she is a bully and I just dont know where to work in this town. I feeling like giving up dont know what to do. Please pray for me Thank you

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