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  • Prayer for my husband

    Please pray for my husband . Today was his last day at his job . We need prayer that he can find a job with in the next two week or sooner . Pray that he doesn’t lose faith and hope in you Lord . And we are asking that the job can at least get close to what he was getting before and have good insurance. He just had heart surgery back in November so we really need this prayer.we we are Pastoring a church with no pay just doing Gods work and now we are finding it hard to understand why this happening to us.keep that in prayer too. Thank you.Let Gods Glory be seen

  • prayer for Joshua

    please pray for healing for my son who has had severe stomach pain for about three week with extreme weight loss. I pray that he would be healed and save. and Gods glory would be shown

  • finials

    I am a 43 year old single mother that decided to return to college today is my last day of regular classes. tomorrow is my first final. I had a anxiety attack on Monday and been feeling abit on edge. I ask you to pray for God to calm my soul and let me finish strong. Thank you for your time.

    1. ueslen

      -Deus vai ter surpreender!! medite em Efésios Now to him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us. Efésios 3:20

  • Myself

    I have been married for about two years with my husband. He has two teenager daughters from a previously relationship (we have no kids together). My husband and I knew each other before he got with the girls mom, but it's been hard to deal with their mother always putting me down. The girls don't live with us or her because one is in college and the other is in foster care. However the mother makes it a point to make me feel unqualified to parent my step-daughters and a wife to my husband. I just really need help with this issue between us.

  • Finding favour and forgivness

    I'm struggling really hard with the past sins I have made and even the sinful things I continue to do now with money. Please prayer warriors pray that I finally break this chain and that my punishment may not be as hard on me since I wasn't thinking of others around me and only myself. I have small children and my husband and I don't think I could live with myself knowing I could have internally hurt them by the actions that I have made. I've been struggling to not go back to that person that wants money. I've asked for forgiveness and have repented BUT the Devil tries to fight for me back and all I want is to do good again. I'm trying, but I can't do this alone. Please pray with me.

  • Keeping my faith

    As I sit here n still battle cancer, going through depression cause of my relationship, it's hard to go through this in life, been with who you think is your soulmate but learning they don't love you as you love them hurts. I just want prayer to get through this, cancer and depression don't mix. I pray God changes me to take on all of this I'm going through. I have hope and I feel its fading away.

  • Prayer for son

    Please pray for my son D. to have a victorious court on Monday the 7th. Pray for the DA so that he may touch his heart and not offer my son a harsh plea. I appreciate your prayers. In Jesus name Amen!

  • Reconciliation and healing heart

    My husband and I have been separated for 8 months. I've been praying for God to bring him home to my children and I. I'm starting to lose hope my family will be whole again. We both made mistakes. But I love him him dearly. I pray God brings him home to his family or to heal my heart from this pain and hurt. And gives me the strength to be strong for my children on a daily basis. I can't continue this journey without you God. I am weak and scared.

  • Healing

    Please pray for my brother in law. He had surgery and had a stroke during surgery. They found a blot clot on the brain and now the blood clot traveled to his throat. There still swelling on the brain where he is now 25% dead. There going to do a procedure on the clot in his neck. There hoping he doesn't have a another stroke because he will then be paralyzed.
    Thank you.

  • Healing for my sister

    Asking for prayer for my sister who has suffered the tragedy of an amputation to her right leg last year, and since had many other health issues. She is trying to get back to her career, but the "hits" just keep coming. She has no family of her own, and really there is just me who helps her. Father, I ask for your spirit of peace to be with her, and for her willingness to listen to YOUR wisdom. And Father I pray for her complete healing if that is your will. And may all glory be given to YOU. Amen.

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