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  • Marriage

    Please help pray for me that God gives me strength and healing during this difficult time that I am facing in my marriage. I have been with my husband for 13 years we have been married for 7. We have 3 beautiful children. My whole 13 years with him I have had to compete with other woman. He was constantly making me feel like I was never good enough for him. We recently separated for about 2 months. During that time he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. I was always the more spiritual one but lately I have been questioning my faith, because of all the hurt I have dealt with. I came back home and then I found out that he is the father to another child, who is 8 years old. I have never questioned God more about my life than I have these past few hours. I know He is in control of it all and His will, will be done. But the flesh part of me can't understand why this is all happening to me. So please pray for my family and myself. Thank You. God Bless.

  • Abraham

    Plz pray for my son Abraham he's 13 years old he's been very depressed we are a broken home I am his mother I'm in a Christian rehab he got arrested at school today he just wants me with him I have not much longer to go he needs help I'm scared of him birng influenced by gangs plz pray he'll turn to God I'm so scared for him. I have 121 days clean and sober today my mom is his gaurdian she's been having chest pains she also takes care of my 11 yr old daughter plz pray for us. Thank u God bless you all

  • Healing and Fianance

    I was in a head-on collision with a semi. Almost 2 years ago. Changing attorneys praying for closure and settlement.

  • Prayers for son

    Please keep my son Davien in prayer as he will soon have court again on the 12th. We need to get him an attorney and I also ask to please pray that we get the right one to represent him. I appreciate it.

  • Help with School

    Hi Everyone, please pray for God to give me Wisdom and knowledge during these last two weeks of the Semester. To guide me and lead me. I am currently finishing my first semester at a Community College and I really need God's help to at least maintain my current grade's or bring them up in order to keep a scholarship I have won that is paying for everything...Losing it would be devastating, But I have faith and believe God will pull me through and bring me the victory!!! Thank you!

  • Healing

    Prayer for Auston, his valley fever is back and his liver is failing. Prayers that his valley fever doesn’t progress fast, he is off his Valley fever meds due to his liver. Prayers for strength, healing. Thank you!

  • Deliverance from Caffeine

    Could you pray for me for complete deliverance from a caffeine addiction for the last 15 years? I’m a chain coffee drinker, and I’ve tried hard a number of times to quit. Coffee clouds my thinking makes it hard to filter out distractions, and it seems to drain me. I think my adrenal glands are chronically depleted, and I feel it. Please pray for complete healing of my body, mind, and adrenals, from the effects of this addiction. I know many people deal with much more serious addictions. I also have a much more serious addiction that I deal with, but I need the Lord to deliver me from this caffeine addiction, so I can build the faith and confidence to deal with the other skeleton in my closet. Please pray for total deliverance and freedom from caffeine. Thanks.

  • Need healing and strength

    I ask for prayers of support, strength, wisdom, and healing. My husband of 9 years left my 2-year-old daughter and Myself for another married woman with 3 kids of her own. My husband is in the army and decided he didn’t want to be with us anymore so when he got back from deployment this past summer he filed for divorce and forced us to move out of our home. I do thank God for my family because without them I would be homeless and nowhere to go. My daughter asks for her dad but I have no words to describe what is happening to her world. It’s so close to Christmas and I can’t give my daughter the best of what she deserves. Please pray for my daughter and me that God helps us overcome this heartache and brokenness. Thank you!

  • Prayers for my mom

    My mom went through open heart surgery last Monday, I'm asking for prayers for her. I just miss her so much shes been off sedation since Sunday and shes still not waking up, I'm scared but I'm trusting my God she will wake up. Please pray for her. Thank you, God Bless.

  • 10 years and of waiting and hoping not to wait no longer

    I have been with my girlfriend for 10 years with the hopes of getting married, but could never do so because of financial difficulties. However, stills are starting to change because I finally have a pending job offer that will allow us to finally get married in the house of God, please pray that everything goes well!

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