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  • Baby Aubrey

    I come to you all asking for support for our family, as we grieve the loss of our beloved baby Aubrey (she was 7 months old). Please raise her parents in prayer, Gabi and Ricardo, as they go through this trying time. To know that the Lord is carrying them through this difficult time. To bring them peace, and especially her mother Gabi, that she remain spiritually strong with her faith. I thank you in advance.

  • Mercy for my son

    I come to you to ask you all if you may pray for my son, that just got locked up. He is facing a lot of charges including attempted murder. I ask you to please keep us in your thoughts and prayer. I’m really trying to keep calm and be as supportive as possible with him. I’m not sure what’s going on, but we would need to get him an attorney to represent him and I ask you to please pray that I find the best attorney that we can afford to help us out. I am really in need of prayer please for both my son and myself and the family! I appreciate it in advance. The lord has always been there for us and I know this would not be the exception. Thank you!

  • prayer to God

    1. To administrate the world situation from the throne for the move of the great wheel of His economy, to bless the nations of United States and Canada for the sake of His purpose, and to preserve the people and the land for His own will (Psa. 33:12; Ezek. 1:15; Matt. 24:14).
    2. To give godly fear and wisdom to those in high positions of government so that the saints can lead a life in relative peace and tranquility in order to carry out God's desire to save men and to release the truth (Ezra 6:10; Jer. 29:7; 1 Tim. 2:2).

  • Family

    I ask for a prayer for my family plsease bring us together . We are currently going through a rough time .

  • healing

    For our only son, my stepson, who is having pancreatic issues going in for another surgery. Praying for his recovery and my husband's strength, faith; thank you.

  • Give it to God

    Please pray for me to leave my family at God's feet. It hurts so much and I am struggling each day
    against depression. My oldest son who will be 37 is in prison and has been more than not since he was 18. Also my daughter is in an abusive relationship and thinks she is in love with him. God's will be done, but it is hard. Thank you!

  • Need a lot of prayers for Clemente and I

    Clemente and I love each other and we are right now being persecuted and hated for loving each other and God knows our hearts.

  • I need prayer

    I love my boyfriend Clemente and these frauds hacking this computer and my phone right now have stolen my id and they refuse to leave me and my boyfriend alone. I feel attacked and overwhelmed, please pray that all things will come only for the good of God's will.

  • Prayer for my husband and myself.

    Hi, I would like to ask for prayer for my husband, so that the job that he recently applied for will be given to him. The opportunity that he's been seeking for quite some time now. He is a great person. Please lord in Jesus name Amen! I also come to you to ask for prayer for myself. I've found my self in a hostile environment with my current job. I am no longer comfortable working where I'm at and I would like for the lord to open new doors for me and for me to be able to find a job that I love and be a successful person. In Jesus name Amen!

  • Strength

    My husband Ronnie is going for his second round of chemo today. Please pray for his worries to go away and for peace over him.

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