John’s Faves – Tuesday 7/18

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  I love sharing some of my favorite stuff from around the internet. A good amount of it is nonsense because, well… a good amount of what’s on the internet is complete nonsense. With that being said, here’s what I found and loved today. I believe the hype… I honestly can’t remember more hype behind a single sporting event in … Read More

John’s Faves – Monday 7/17

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Once again, here is what stuck with me from around the web today! Usually when I talk about these things on air there’s an element of “you’ve gotta see it” so check out some of the things I’m talking about on my show tonight on Spirit. –John   You’ll be the talk of the workplace with this thing… Is this … Read More

John’s Faves Wednesday

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Just one for ya tonight. This touched my heart and was a huge reminder that we have a very real problem that is sometimes happening right around us. Pray for the victims of trafficking. Pray for our law enforcement that they would be able to have the tools to fight it. And pray for the men and women who perpetrate … Read More

John’s Faves – Friday July 7th

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Happy Friday! Here are my favorite things from around the internet today:   Sneaky Kyrie… I love these videos of pro athletes dressing up as older people. Whether it’s a skater, weight lifter or pro ball player like this video, they always crack me up. Watch “gramps” put on a clinic at the park.   Will it snowcone? The lads … Read More

John’s Faves – Wednesday July 5th

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I’ve gathered some more of my favorite time wasters from around the web today. Enjoy!   Girls use teamwork to get rid of a rat Sometimes you gotta handle things on your own. Bonus points to the girls for getting rid of it without killing it! (Link to the original post courtesy of UNILAD)   Which animal you see first … Read More

John’s Faves – Wednesday June 28th

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Every day I try to find some of the best content from the web to share with you on my show. Here’s what I found and loved today! –John   Handshake practice… Offense? DEFENSE??? No, we’re going to work on your handshaking. People need to know you’re best friends when you step on that court. Drake and Will Ferrell give … Read More

John’s Faves – Tuesday June 27th

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If you listen to my show you know I like sharing some of my favorite videos from the web with you. This is what I found and loved to day on the internet. It may make you laugh, it might make you cry but hopefully you’ll enjoy some of these like I did.   Real or fake this is heartwarming… … Read More

John’s Faves – Friday, June 23rd

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Hey guys… so as usual I’ve spent a good amount of my day looking for things on the internet I think (hope) you’ll love as much as I do and here they are! –John   Cute animals will ALWAYS make this list!     Never thought marionettes were cool until…   How much Disneyland is too much? There might not … Read More

John’s Fave Videos of the day!

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If you listen to my show you know I like sharing some of my favorite videos from the web with you. Sometimes they’re funny. Sometimes they make me cry. But always, my hope is that you enjoy them as much as I do! -John The fidget spinner craze can officially die, we have a winner! This little guy is adorable … Read More