Hartland Christian Camp

Garth Richards

Established in 1946, Hartland Christian Camp has been built on a foundation of ministry in the name of Jesus Christ and exists for His Glory. The camp is operated by an autonomous body of dedicated, visionary Christians who are committed to the task of providing a high-quality, high-value camping experience for all ages. Hartland Christian Camp covers 320 acres and … Read More

Kings Gospel Mission

Garth Richards

KINGS GOSPEL MISSION IS A 501(c)3 PUBLIC BENEFIT CORPORATION owned and operated by Cornerstone Community Alcohol and Other Drug Recovery Systems, inc.. We are proud and productive members of: The Association of Gospel Rescue Missions The Kings United Way The Kings Partnership for Prevention and mentored by the Fresno Rescue Mission. Our Mission: KINGS GOSPEL MISSION ASPIRES TO GLORIFY GOD … Read More

Fresno Rescue Mission

Rob Anthony

The Fresno Rescue Mission has several programs to help men, women and children. Specific services for men include: Community Care; the Academy; Safe Area; and Fresno Medical Respite Center. For women and children, specific services include: Short Term Care for Women and Children; Samaritan Women; and Rescue the Children. Everything the Fresno Rescue Mission does prepares men, women and children … Read More