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Garth Richards

B2 Outlet Stores is located in the Tulare Outlet Mall next door to GAP!  They are the retail division of Bid-2-Benefit-Youth, a Michigan-based company dedicated to building better communities by empowering youth and young adults as tomorrow’s leaders. The store sells new, name-brand items at a discounted price and a portion of the proceeds from each sale are reinvested into local youth programs and community initiatives.

Our Core Values

Bid-2-Benefit-Youth exists to empower youth and young adults through fostering and supporting initiatives that clarify self-awareness, cultivate missional purpose, facilitate skills development, and prepare these emerging leaders for life’s great challenges and opportunities.

  •  Christ Centered Platform

    We believe that life, at its best, is found in embracing a faith-based foundation in Jesus Christ.

  •  Proactive Work Environment

    We take our mission seriously.  Ourselves?  Not so much.  Laughter, celebration, and joy are just what we do.  Our environment will be one where team members look forward to coming to work.

  •  Family Context

    We treat every employee and volunteer as family, seeking to support one another in both the joys and the challenges of life.

  •  Customer Responsiveness

    The customers and organizations we serve become partners with us in this mission, and therefore we seek always to honor them with respect and grace, even when disputes occur. We strive to give our customers more than they expect, faster than they anticipate.

  •  Creative Innovation

    We are never far from our own irrelevance.  Therefore we strive to innovate, to think “outside the box,” and to help those we serve continue to grow and develop well into the future.

  •  Results Oriented

    We don’t simply exist to provide employment or generate financial resources, we exist to create positive change and development.  The youth we serve will hopefully always see Bid-2-Benefit-Youth as an instrumental part of their overall development.

  •  Global Impact

    Success for Bid-2-Benefit-Youth means that the small things we do to care for and invest in youth will foster a global impact through the way they lead, now and into the future.

Bid-2-Benefit-Youth is a unique concept utilizing the combined strategies of ministry and business to create positive, transformational outcomes. Employees become family, engaging a creative and grace-filled environment that supports, encourages and empowers each individual to embrace their full potential. Customers and the organizations we serve become partners that help advance the mission of Bid-2-Benefit-Youth, ultimately creating a global impact as youth and young adults embrace their world confidently, creatively, and with divine purpose.

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1511 Retherford St.
Tulare, CA 93274